Thanks for the advice and wisdom, but could you or someone give me tarot reading

  • thank you for your advice,i appreciate it. however could you or someone else be so kind to give me a reading? i would like some questions answered. such as "what can I do to improve this situation?" what will happen between my boyfriend and my family? will my boyfriend end up moving out? what will happen between my boyfriend and I? what is in store in the near future? wiil he and my mom ever patch things up? My boyfriend didnt intend to offend anyone, he has sarcastic sense of humor(thats one of the things i like about him. I will admit he has tendency to shoot first, ask questions later, thats one of his bad habits. and he is the type that when someone gets nasty towards him he will defend himself and say something. such as when my sister acted snotty towards him and me. my mom made a few comments towards him that hurt his feelings, so they are both angry at each other, and they both feel like victims. my boyfriend tried apologizing to her about one of the things he said but she wouldnt hear it.

  • Hiya vettech78,

    i will try to help if you want. I could use the practice.

    I will go concentrate on you and your questions and be back in a bit with a reading for you.

    I will intuitively read with the tarot favole deck to see what the cards want for me to relay back to you. Hugs.

  • Hiya again vettech78. Here is your reading. I used a celtic cross spread and got the following cards...

    01. 10 crosses

    02. 9 flowers

    03. Knight flowers

    04. Moon

    05. 10 flowers

    06. 8 crosses

    07. High Priestess

    08. Judgment

    09. 4 cups

    10. Sun

    vettech78, i believe that there is already a solution to your situation just on the verge of being discovered, if it hasn't been already. Good Communication is the key that will open doors for you. That, and not being too judgmental. Keep an open mind. Sit quietly and pay attention to what comes to your 'heart centers mind'. There is something being offered that perhaps you don't see the blessing in disguise it really will become in the long run. I feel confident in saying that with the Sun card in the final position, everyone included in what concerns you most will see a happy and successful conclusion to this situation, soon. Hope this helps you. Take care, hugs.

  • thank you so much. i like that outcome lol 🙂 much appreciated. i pray all the time for happy endings and for everyone to get along. it seems like things like things are getting a liitle better around here. at least i hope so. i hope you are having a great Easter.

  • Thank you, hope you enjoyed your Easter too.

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