Would someone give me a reading about my life in general

  • would be greatly appreciated thanks a bunch 😄

    much love

  • Hiya LauraSA87,

    i will try, if you dont mind. I could use the practice.

    I am using the tarot favole deck and will do a celtic cross for you to see what the tarot will tell me in general. I will intuitively read what the tarot says and will post your reading in a few minutes. Hugs.

  • Hiya again LauraSA87, here is your reading...ok i got the following cards...

    01. Emperor

    02. King crosses

    03. Knight flowers

    04. 8 flowers

    05. 7 butterflies

    06. Moon

    07. 10 flowers

    08. 7 flowers

    09. 2 butterflies

    10. Temperance

    my first thought when laying these cards for you was 'mixed signals'.

    I feel that there is a man trying to look out for whats in your best interest- in their opinion - the emperor is looking down on the king of crosses - i think you fancy this man (the king) but the emperor (older man-more life experience) isn't too happy about it. I think the emperor wants you to be cautious as you have not got all the information you need.

    'background check' just came to mind.

    I think that you are at a crossroads of sorts with too many unanswered questions about something. There is a hope or wish for making the correct choices in the best interest of love for the family unit-have faith, as you have a guardian angel that will 'tip the scales' in your favour. I think that has something to do with the month of Libra.

    For now, be cautious and let your insticts help guide you on what is close to your heart.

    I hope this makes some sense to you and it helps you in some way. Hugs.

  • Hello Dragoneagle thank you for the wonderful reading, much appreciated, hugs back to you.

    I like the part about the guardian angel, I consultated them for help today.

    There are parts of this reading that make a lot of sense to me, thanks again. Let me know if you would like a reading done by me. 🙂

  • I felt I needed to post another reply about the reading. My guardian angel is a libran, I call him my angel and he would be the one looking out for my best interests. SPot on!! How long have you been reading cards for?

    Also you said you used the Favole Tarot, its a beautiful deck. I like gothic decks.

    Thanks again

  • I am happy it makes some sense to you. I have only been really studying the tarot for the past 4 / 5 years and practicing online and with a couple of friends for a few months. I enjoy the tarot. I have spirit guides and guardian angels that help me, although i dont know too much about them. Its like an energy connection. Hugs.

  • LauraSA87 : Here goes ... its been a while so forgive the rustiness.. i hope it is helpful to you:

    My question to you.. are you an artist or does your career revolve around your creativity -- if it doesnt then i think that is where you need to be.

    here goes:

    Right now I see that you are closed off to something or someone that can help you or your present situation. You are unwilling to accept the help that is being offered to you. I see a stubborn side to you. this seems to have been brought on by a past experience or situation

    In the near future you will find the strenthg to stand your ground and expose a certain person or situation. An older wise man will be able to help you - accept his help and you will be able to achieve your goals or needs. Take the advise - it will mean positive changes for you. For when you do... your future looks very bright and positive despite present/past struggles. The emotional or physical stress that you have been going through will be gone. You will meet your full potential in both your personal life and career/art. Be ready for new adventures. As far as relationship - i saw a small glimpse of two people having different ideals, ideas and ways of thinking - that relationship will be shortlived and you will be all the better for it.

    Please let me know if you see anything helpful

  • Livingadream


    I draw but would not consider myself to be as talented as an artist. I am very creative and imaginative though.

    I am a very closed off person and what you said about that does sound true. I am also stubborn.

    Im not sure about the strength part though. An older wise man helping me seems likely.

    Thank you

  • Sorry LauraSA87 i havent done a reading in a good while and don't feel very connected right now. When i get feeling better and practice more I will give you another reading which might be more helpful. if you are ok with that.

  • Dont be sorry parts of your reading are very spot on and helpful, there are just parts I am unsure about. I may also be unwilling to accept parts of it because I am so stubborn and I may not be able to see the real truth of the situation.

    Thank u

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