Been wondering if baby on the way

  • I have recently had several symptoms that could mean an impending pregnancy and I'm really hoping so. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it looks like I have a baby on the way and possibly what gender if so.

  • how about doing something much easier... 'a pregnancy test' can and will give you thee answer you are looking for.

  • I've already done 2 pregnancy tests and both were negative I know it may still be too early to test but I'm already late. We have been trying and I was just wondering if anyone was getting a pregnancy vibe or anything other than the obvious take a pregnancy test because I've already done that. Thanks xoxo

  • that MIGHT be true that it could be too early for taking a test. so far, no, you are not pregnant. the only vibe I pick up, is that you are trying way too hard to get pregnant. standing upside down, or lying down for long periods after s e x might help. stop trying so hard, and relax. don't worry how you should do it, and enjoy the s e x. your partner is not too happy with you always suggesting this position or that position... just enjoy the experience. a baby can and will change everything, and not always positive.

    think about that and having a child with your partner is not a guarantee of permanence.

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