I really need help from scorpio females!!..

  • hey people.im gonna try to make this long story short as quick as i can..im a virgo male and there was this scorpio female that i really admire and liked.she was my hair stylist for 3 years.every time i always got my hair done by her we would all ways talk and make each other smile but nothing serious because she had a boyfriend at the time.taurus male by the way.making the long story short.she recently had broken up with her befriend.this was back in late september and then i decided to buy her a very nice gift for her birthday since it was near this was in october.she said she like it alot..but after that.4 weeks later when i tried to text her to have my hair done again i got no responce from her.then tried to call and she did not answer.witch she does not usually do.so i got my hair done by some one else and did not call or text her.but for some reason she started talking to my brother again witch she could not stand.another whole topic but he also used to get his hair done by her as well from me referring him.biggest mistake i ever did.he came off really aannoying to her and she always avoided him as much as she could and constantly complain to me about how annoying he was.so im very confused by her doing that..i decided to send a text to her on christmas day saying (hey marry christmas i hope all is well)and she replied 4 hours later and just said (marry Christmas and nothing else.i then sent another text telling her how i was enjoying the day and she did not respond.i checked my brothers cell when he was not around.to see if he sent her any texts and yes he did.he told her (marry Christmas and she said back to him (same to you)he then replied back to her and said i want to spend my day with you.she did not respond back to him.so i didn't sweat it.but i did not call or do anything after that..i checked his cell and i didn't see any text conversations or any thing besides what was said on Christmas it is now april and i want to try and contact her again.what is she doing or why did she do this and what are my chaces..thanks for any advice you all can give me.

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