In need of a reading...please read me!

  • hello, is there someone who is willing to give me a reading on whats going on in my life concerning work school and a new home. right now i am in school but times are hard so i do have to start working soon. i don't want to leave school and i'm just hoping a new job want interfer. please help me come to terms with this. thanks!


    I feel you have several months before the end of your schooling is complete. If you have to work it will be part time is what I feel for you. You have a lot on your plate with completing all that you desire in the short period you have allowed it to happen.

    You will achive what you are to have at this time and will have to let the rest go for goals of the future. Paradise is not something that comes without a price tag attached to it.


  • thanks shuabby. do u feel anything on what type of psychic abilities i may have and when am i getting that job


    You are beginning to have psychic ability, yet it seems you need some guidance along the way, like classes. I feel with you tarot cards and when you really set your mind to it, you will be a very good reader and work in some psychic fairs.

    The job is very near to you and that means close to where you live also, for some reason I get a Sonic drive in that you could work at and enjoy the outdoors too. There is a real feel here that you do not want to feel confined in your work space and will find just the right job to fulfill that need in the next six weeks to days.

  • i mean to have so many Q's thrown your way but can u tell me who's been trying to contact me

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