After reading all these CANCER posts....should STEER CLEAR from THEM??

  • Im a new member in this community and recently posted my own frustrations with a Cancer Male that I have been seeing....

    ....After reading the "Blog" topics....95% of these topics are about CANCERS driving all the rest of the zodiacs CRAZY!!!

    All of the stories sound the pretty much the same...even mine! WHAT is it with you Cancers?? Why do you all have to play mind and heart games??? Grant it..I understand you do it to defend and protect your heart and emotions...but lets face it....regardless of the zodiac sign....I DONT THINK ANYONE WANTS TO GET HURT!!!!

    I have been in love with a cancer man for over 7 years! OUR situation is complicated...just like everyone elses in this! .....but seriously after reading all the madness on here about Cancer men....Im SCARED!! I thnk I will put my Cancer man on the shelf and just keep him as a friend. I know I will ALWAYS have the "what if" worries on my mind like i have the last 7 years, but I guess its better than losing my self worth and pride, that I noticed cancers tend to do to others. CANCERS are soooooo FN CONFUSING...I think they confuse themselves to CONFUSE others!!!!!

  • Goodness, why such hostility to your Wrods regarding Cancer people & YES we are born under the Zodiac of the Cancer Star ~~ maybe we are more than just Trouble for some ~~ maybe we were born to bring in more love & light energy for the other Zodiacs so that they may learn from us ~~ EVER CONSIDER THAT THOUGHT ~~LOL

    We all have emotions & YES Some ride higher than other's~ it take a a little mole hill to grow & become a Giant Mountain ~~ this is true to all Cancer people ~~ Give them time & allow them to grow in their own light & love ~~ be amazed at their kindness friendships & always willing to give you a handwhen needed No matter their own life's circumstances

    don't be so harsh with Cancer people ~~~ you might be mising out on their Sweet Nectar


  • HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!






    On a more serious note, a cancer opening up has little, if nothing, to do with trust. Its about energy. If the cancer feels the right energy then he/she will be glad to come out , but if he/she doesnt feel the right energy, then the cancer feels like "for what reason should i show myself to this person who doesnt understand me?" And this energy is nothing you can control, it just is or it just is not.

    A cancer isnt a person who does relationships just becasue theyre lonely. they need to feel a special connection. thats the problem with all these people "I dont understand CancerS!!!!"

  • First off...thank you MilleFeori and CancerstarLibramoonLeorising (wow thats a for your responses, I really appreciate it!

    I know my words sound pretty hostile...but trust me Im not. Im just confused! As for your comment on the soul mate oriented cancers and them feeling energy..I know exactly what you are talking about. The cancer that I am in love with tells me all the time that there is for SURE a connection between us. We have known eachother for over 7 years, we have been going back and forth all this time. Within all of the years WE HAVE NEVER LOST attraction and chemistry and interest in one another. In fact....I think we both have admitted to one another that we TRY to lose attraction and interests towards eachother! Does it ever seem to work...."not so much"! 😉

    I think he just hides his feelings too much and it drives me crazy! Im obviously a scorp and i speak how i feel when i feel it. If i think my feelings will hurt somebody, then i will hold it back and keep it inside. As for the chasing.....Im REALLY getting tired of that! Spending $200 on a guy that is not even my bf....and then 2 days later he calls to tell me that we need to settle down a bit and not talk for a while....WTF is that?? I shouldnt act surprised bc we tend to this alot. Back in the day when he was with his ex gf....we would stop talking for 3-6 months and then hook up again. So far since may of 08 we havnt really had any kind of fallout. The longest we;ve gone this year w/o talking is 3 weeks. So yes...right now....we are not talking. Its just not fair! Sometimes he makes me feel like a doormat, but then shortly after...lifts me up and holds me and even calls me his QUEEN! I just dont understand why he cant make up his mind. Its nerve wrecking!

  • Scorpgal,

    I wish i new the Answers to all theCrazy upppsy -turvy - back & forth In & out On & off again LOVE - relationships ~~~

    Doctors say the same ~ that he ~ she wished they had the answers to why there is so much pain & disease in the world ~ & how Rick they 'd all be to discover a cure for all the ILLS ~~~ FUNNY ~~ HUH~~~

    you know yourself hun, & you know what feels Right for YOU ~ Even if you are ON & OFF again with this Cancer Guy~ sometime it may take awhile to finally see his side of the world As he sees yours ~ i guess it boils down to much patience ~ & Lotsa of Love~

    once there's harmony to both your lives~ I'm sure & positive that there will be forever ONE-ness to your Love Relationship~~ 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi All. I can't help but put my 2 cents worth in. I'm a Scorpio female that is totally in love with a Cancer man. I've been with almost every other sign of the zodiac & I have never been so swept away. Yes, Cancer's require a little extra effort & understanding, but so far it's been worth it. In an earlier post, someone mentioned that Cancer's need to find their soulmate. He told me the other day that he feels like we are soulmates. Scorpio's should understand that Cancer's do need "alone" time & tend to go into their shell at times because Scorpio's can be that way too. Yesterday he told me he was in a crummy mood, so I just backed off until he was ready to come around. As long as I know it's not "me", I'm ok with that.

  • Exactly well said..... 🙂

  • Sound like it's, like for the rest of us in love with cancers, it's too late for you to walk away. You are in love. If you could walk away and "just be friends" you would, alas you can't. I have problems and struggles with my cancer and sometimes i wish we never met, sometimes I wish we'd have just stayed friends, but when he's holding me close telling me the love he feels for me is not all in my mind. When he's Right there when I say i need him, even in the middle of one of his disappearing acts. When he's looking in my eyes, Giving me a peek into his very vast and soul. when he's showing me his vulneralble side and making me understand (without saying a word) that he needs me too, and of course when he's listening to all my problems quietly (seemingly emotionless) never interupting never judging then saying ever so gently that I and everything is going to be fine and other calming words that remind me that in the end things do turn out like they should ect. ect. ect....That's what it's all about that's why we put up with all the bs, cause the good is soooo wonderful, and it's hard to imagine your cancer not being there when times get hard (when you need them).

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm a cancern woman and I would never date another cancer man. I'm June 28th and he's July 4th we dated for over 10 years. He cheated, lied, didn't call nor did I see him for weeks on end and out of the blue he'd call or come over as if nothing was wrong. We're friends now and broke up almost 5 years ago. I can't say that all cancer men are the same but being a cancer woman I couldn't trust the one I was with. Their flighty


    i live next door to a Cancerian Woman, we are one day shy from our B/days ~~

    I've known her a number of yrs ~ though we are not friendly nor communicate

    but this i know that her temper, her outburst & her impatience makes her opposite that of a true Cancerian ~~ I watchher from afar & i find it hard to believe that we share the same Sign ~~ where does all her Anger & her meanNess come from ~

    Hey listen i am no angel either

    & there are times i sometimes lose my good senses ~ but i know this much ~ that my family (my kids) are my LIFE~ & i will lose my own life in order tosave & protect theirs ~ i respect those who disipline & teach their young ~ YES done with love & understanding & not by Fear Yelling Demeaning & Name Calling ~~& this is what i witness coming from that House next to mine ~~~ i cry & i ask that all the Angels send them healing love & light

    SEE RED a parent that lacks respect for even their children those types of people are Cowards and Bullies pure & simple ~~~ Even though we are to not intervene ~~ i did Step in & told them i hear everything ~ & if i ever see you hit or cuss & bad mouth your kids I will make it my business to get the Authorties & police here A S A P.... after that they changed their attitude & mood ~~ they took a long vacation ~ recently came back ~
    they haven't been outside~ So i hope whatever is going on inside That those kids are safe ~~~~
    I ask that we all send out a little extra healing prayers for this suffering family
    Thank You so much
    L*L*L Mille

  • See, this is a hard thing to answer. My friend is dating a cancer and she's perfectly happy, and everytime I ask her if anything wrong, is he moody, is he distant...she always gives me a confused look and says "No...everythings fine." Maybe the shit hasn't hit the fan yet, or maybe all Cancer men arent insane.

    All I know, is that if I ever wanted to date someone and they refused to date me because of "That other crazy Aries with the commitment problems broke my heart, so all Aries are off my list." I'd be pretty freakin unimpressed.

  • I belive this Cancer Men confusing Mine was my friend of 10 yrs started dating and our friendship well its deep and meaningful but our relationship is hell of strange! He says he loves me and would never hurt me and he cant hurt me but he has! I stand by him through everything and I think that is half the problem! He knows I will let him get away with it! I am a very forgiving person I dont have hate or Malice in my heart!

    But as of today I wont be chasing him around when he does not answer the phone, I wont be calling him or texting him sweet nothings I am just going to leave him be! He will get space alright!

  • R~H Hello ~~

    couldit be possible that your Cancer man is simply clueless as to what Hurt Means~~

    when he says he loves you & then hurts you ~ do you ~react right away~ or allow the hurt energy to fade ~~ his interpretation to HURT might not be the same as yours~~ by ignoring his TEXTS or messages resolves NOTHING ~ BUTa curious Cancer man to ask questions... Why Why & Why ~~~

    have a good long heart 2 heart with your Cancer man ~ get to the root of where this hurt is stemming ~ could possibly be that he is un aware ofhis own actions.... Sorry hun,

    give it another chance

    xoxopeace & love love love


  • Well i havnt logged on in a few days and just read RebellionHarmony's post........I would have to say I am in the SAME BOAT as you!!!

    My Cancer friend has told me several times that he too loves me and would never hurt me...but after our 7 year friendship, it seems that is all he does to me. With his "Houdini" disappearing acts, lets be distant from one another for a bit and his one man circus shows...I've had it!!

    He ignores my calls or texts, and just flat out un-responsive! God forbid if I do not call him back right away or text him within 10 min of his last text....he thinks I am being rude and mean by not responding.....I just dont get it! I come to realization that he is just down right selfish.

    Last week, he told me that he has been seeing another women...BUT....I still want to be friends with you! Its not so much that i am mad that he is seeing another woman....I feel more like its the RESPECT that he could not give me as his friend. With him knowing my feelings for him.....he once again for the THIRD time has done me wrong with the same excuse.....hes seeing someone else!

    This Scorp has decided enough is enough....I decided to start ignoring his calls and text last week and did not hear from him until today. I went to see him today VERY briefly and what do you know...he acted as if we have not spoke in 3 years! Of course...he gave me crap for not answering his calls or text messages.....needless to say.........I'VE HAD IT! No one treats me like that for no reason!

    A part of me feels like I am just a door mat for him....he can count on me for an ear, for money...for pretty much about anything! But does not want to give anything in return!

  • I would like to defend myself as a cancer and just say.. we keep ourselves hidden from people that we feel dont deserve our love. so if this person is showing you love you should show it back. furthermore our emotions get the best of us and its hard for us to make decisions, the only way we will make a decision in matters of the heart are if we know the other person truly 100% loves us and is going to be there for us. and if past endevours show any sign of you not loving or being there for that man then you are wasting your time because youve already broken his heart and he's not going to ever let you back in fully. maybe he will want to let you back in but you will never be in as deep as you were. We are sensitive and it sounds to me like he's got his shell on and he's not gonna let you back in unless you make some obvious progress toward full loyalty and commitment to him. btw... there is no on and off with a cancer if its gotten to the point of on and off you might as well wave goodbye right now because in his mind and heart on and off means always off. no matter what our minds always override our hearts. at least thats my experience as a cancer.

  • RebelionHarmony - he doesnt deserve you, move on! you will find someone great someday!

  • okay I guess I shouldve read all your posts before replying scorpigirl... i dont know what that cancer mans problem is but I dont think it has anything to do with being a cancer.. hes just not that into you! i hope youve seen that movie lol.. he sounds like a player and stop giving him what he wants!!! he doesnt do anything for you. let go and move on sister!

  • if i would have steered clear of my cancer J, due to what I read on here, I would have missed out on the most amazing man !!! He is smart, funny, caring, compassionate, devoted, nurturing and well, the list could go on and on.

    Not only that, all of the cancer people I have met here, are incredible. They fit the same description that J does. I feel my life has been truly enriched and blessed by the depth of who a cancer is. between my cancer friends her, in real life and J.....I have found people who are honest, loyal and protective, but most importantly, real.

  • I agree with barbara 2107... your cancer man is not that into you.

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