What should I do about a totally unexpected reversed card?

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    I just laid out a reading on a question regarding a possible change of residence for my family. I laid out the cards and ran into a dilemma in the outcome card. I got the reversed two of pentacles. The problem is that I don't use reversed cards. I know what the card means, it means that in some way, this move is going to be a financial problem, whether because we're financially unable to move or the increase in the rent proves burdensome in a way that is untenable. But it bothers me that I don't use reverse cards and I haven't picked up this deck in ages which means that once a while ago when I dropped the box on the floor and the cards scattered everywhere, I forgot to turn one or two upright as I collected them. I don't want to see this as a reversed two if it isn't a reversed two. There' s a big difference in outlook of this situation between and upright and a reversed two.

    If this helps with the answer, every card leading up to it is overwhelmingly positive. This tells me that either it really looks like it's going to go through and then at the last minute, it doesn't, or that card should not be reversed.

    FYI, a Celtic Cross, cards as follows:

    1. 8 of coins

    2. K of cups

    3. Kn of wands

    4. Wheel of Fortune

    5. A of cups

    6. Empress

    7. Lovers

    8. 9 of cups

    9. Q of Cups

    10. 2 of coins, up? down?


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