Birthday reading?

  • Does anyone know a good birthday spread to use? Would someone like to try on me? My birthday 04-04-67. Thank you.

  • Hello Dragoneagle

    , Wow what a strong name, beautiful, majestic and also respectful in it's nature. This is my impression and this feels right to me. Would you like stories that relate to your birthdate?

    These stories will give you the negative as well as your positive attributes or personality traits that may manifest themselves throughout your life, as well it may be synchronisticic in form. I have to warn you though, these words can be extremely intense, and not my words, and I am in no mood to make any enemies. But still if you want, I will write them, only because I beleive in the truth setting us free. I have written many of these out for friends and they understand. The choice is yours.

  • Im not familiar with the type of reading your talking about. But, you can try. Do you use a certain deck? Or do this intuitively?

  • I have to let this one go, due to the time factor, but you can buy the book, 360 degrees of wisdom, there will be cards with the book, the instructions come with it.

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