Please help, would appreciate a reading, general information.

  • Hello all, I am looking for answers from anyone who can help me make some decisions, about relationships and when will I move to another home. Today I have dropped some bombs on people and am feeling like I am in a Tower phase, need help, Thank you if you care to clarify the details and help me make some decisions with this very negative situation. I feel stuck, and this has been a long long winter emotionaly for me, as usual. I am looking to see if someone can see what is going on that I am not aware of, like a new home, if my partner is cheating, this sort of thing, something concrete, as I am too close to the situation to accurately read my cards. Thank you sooooo much in advance.

  • Hello again,

    Well, I am feeling better now, I came through a very tough time today and know that I did the right thing. I now realize that sometimes you have to pick up the sword, metaphorically speaking of course,and that is what I did, I payed the price with an anxiety attack when the dust settled, but later realized it was okay to relay to others what needed to be said, as I was being true to myself and protecting others. It is not always a calm and rational life, sometimes the volcanoes erupt, after 17 years!

    I also don't feel that my partner is cheating on me, but would like to still know if and when I will be moving and also when I will have a new business. Thank you.

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