What's going on between me (Taurus man) & Gemini woman?

  • Hi there. Let me just explain my situation briefly. I've worked with this Gemini woman for a little over a year. We work in the same building, we see each other pretty regularly but aren't often actually working together on a project. We've always talked and I enjoyed some light flirtation with her but only more recently have I realized how deeply attracted I suddenly felt toward her. I had never found her to be extremely physically attractive, but now I do. It's like I never realized what was in front of me. One day we had lunch and I noticed how much she started touching me (lightly on the shoulder, hands, etc.) We're both intelligent people and the mental connection also played a big part in drawing me in.

    She is a touchy-feely type of girl but around me I've noticed it reaches a higher level than around anyone else I've witnessed. She's also 9 years older than me, but I'm mature for a younger man. She has a very young look, too. I work out and am in very good physical shape. (I'm a Bull, after all.) I'm not saying it to brag but it's something women do notice about me. Lately I've been seeing her and giving her hugs every day, which she responds to very warmly. I call her pet names. We touch each other at almost every opportunity and we're both such flirts that we can't help from having verbal interplay whenever we get the chance. A couple of times she even reached out to shake my hand and we just held hands for a long moment.

    I feel like this Gemini woman must certainly like me. I'm just really curious about what's going on. Are we both just huge flirts or is she attracted to me on a deeper level? I'm not trying to mess up her relationship but I'm already very fond of her and I think she knows it.

  • Bump? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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