BLMoon, need reading or advise from you

  • Dear BLMoon,

    I have read some of your advise and I think I need one from you too.

    I am a Sagittarius Female born on 12/2/1980 and the guy who is always in my head is a Gemini Male born on 6/10/1966.

    To get to the point. I feel really connected with him more than anyone in my life. We just met for a very short time (1 month ) to be exact and we continued to email each other despite the distance. Our communication was very platonic although he is very flirtatious nature, I never tolerate his flirtations and did my best to be friend with him without getting romantically involve. He confides his problems with me, asked for guidance and I do confide with him too. We gave each other positive insights and help to resolve the issues. However as time goes by I guess his life is changing in so many ways, he seldom sent an email but the contents is always longer than 6 paragraph. I decided to end the emails as I am feeling sad and get used to the feeling of communicating with him.

    My question, even I cut all the forms of communication I have with him (FB, SKYPE, YAHOO, ako) I am feeling his energy. There are no days that I never think of him. I have no bad things about him. All I see is his face looking at me. Call it crazy but even when I was busy doing something else, his face will be in my head looking at me.

    We never had deeper connection as we are both committed. I care for him as a friend and I believe he cares for me as well. But for some reason I am not sure why he is in my thoughts all the time not intentionally? If you can read my posts, I cut and paste the last email I received from him.

    My question is, why do I really feel connected with him? Why I can feel his thoughts in the emails? Why I feel closer to him even I am million miles away?

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