Is there still hope & future for me?

  • At the moment I am very confused & I do not know what to do. It started with a man I chatt with, at the Badoo website & Msn sometimes in February thi year. He said he is an officer in the US Military.His birth date is 22.7.1949 & his name is Jose Lynch. He had a contract for 3 years & decided to opt out & in the process a certain amount of money has to be paid. It costs 500 euro for the issue of his benefit & retirement cheque, payments had to be made for his flight tickets with BTA, a replacement soldier to take his place as he was selected to fight in the battle which he did not want to die for it, airport clearance & private jet to fly him out of Kabul since he could not come out alive by ordinary plane & through the local airport. He sent a cheque to my place & since I did not have the money, the cheque was a guarantee for the money I borrowed to send to him.I showed his cheque to the bank here & one of the staff confirmed that the cheque was genuine. The cheque is in his name & only he can cash it. Until now, there is no sign of him.I have respect for soldiers who sacrificed their lives for others/nation & I thought his case was genuine. Is this a scam & is someone impersonating him? There is a photo of him in Facebook. How am I going to come out of the situation I am facing now? I have never borrowed money before and this is a nightmare. My life has turned upside down. Even more I miss concentration in my study as I have an examination on 30/5/12 - 31/5/12 & I wonder if I can make it through my final exam. Your advice and guidance is highly appreciated by me. Thank you.

  • This is a scam. These scammers trawl websites for gullible or lonely people. This guy was not and never has been in the military. Chalk this one up to experience and move on. Ask for some financial advice or help from someone you trust.

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