Please help! i need a reading!

  • someone please help me, my boyfriend lives with me and my fsmily right now. but my mom and boyfriend are fighting bad. they both believe the other id being disrespectful. and issues with my sister was the start of it. my boyfriend believes he has right to defend hiself agsinst my sisters attitude.l but she does have a mild learning disability and has social issues. anyway he doesnt like her very much right now! he has a tendency to be sarcastic and cocky. but my mom isnt amused at all. right now she says she is done with him, and when he moves out she dont want him around at all. and she wont come to the wedding! im afraid of losing the man i love. i love my family and him and i dont want to lose either of them. please someone give me a reading to see what will happen in future and what can be done to save my future. please im desperate and scared. my heart cant take another heartbreak. i have had too much in my lifetime

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