Birth chart compatibilty?

  • could you please help me? I feel like he's testing me because of his moon in scorpio, he's really hard to get close to and it's frustrating because I know he cares, and I care so deeply and actually feel love for him. It's just hard when he plays these mind games. Any advice? Thank you!


    Sun Scorpio 4.08

    Moon Aquarius 15.07

    Mercury Scorpio 7.47

    Venus Scorpio 2.54 I

    Mars Gemini 14.12 R

    Jupiter Leo 11.51 VI

    Saturn Capricorn 19.41

    Neptune Capricorn 12.08

    Pluto Scorpio 17.12

    Lilith Sagittarius 9.51

    Asc node Aquarius 2.24


    Sun Sagittarius 21.22

    Moon Scorpio 13.03

    Mercury Capricorn 9.52

    Venus Capricorn 1.42

    Mars Gemini 0.11 R

    Jupiter Leo 13.18 R

    Saturn Capricorn 23.37

    Uranus Capricorn 8.39

    Neptune Capricorn 13.27

    Pluto Scorpio 19.01

    Lilith Sagittarius 15.04

    Asc node Capricorn 28.38

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