Wonder if I can overcome it.

  • I am in a terrible situation. I feel mentally,physical & emotional drained. I wish someone can take the sufferings away for me. I am just existing. It is only when I sleep, can I forget about the torment of the mind and body. I wish I can sleep forever without waking up to feel all the sufferings I am going through now. Is there any future for me or how does my future looks like. Waiting to be saved.

  • glede,

    There are a lot of people out there suffering to make it through this recession and life itself.

    You sound like you are depressed. I would suggest to you that you find a support group and be willing and ready to receive help and change your life as best you can in this space and time period. You have to have Faith and know that whatever life brings your way you have the backbone to face it and overcome the challange. Yes, it takes time to overcome circumstances and you need to look inside yourself and ask what you are good at? What gifts were you born with? Play a instrument of music? Artist? or just in the mist of making a good counsler due to what you are going through now. Get out and find something that you enjoy doing to bring balance in your life. I use to work nine days in a role before having three days off. I always made sure that I would go to the pool and cleanse with a suna afterwards and always would go out and dance on Sundays.

    You have a talent that you should be working on to bring forth to the world to help us all live better brighter lives.


  • Thank you Shuabby for your reply. I believe I am been scammed by a man whom I chatt on the Badoo website & MSN. He said he is an Officer in the US Military and he has a contract for 3 years. His birth date is 22.7.1949 & his name is Jose Lynch. He decided to opt out and in the process a certain amount of money had to be paid for it. The issue of his benifit and income cheque cost 500 euro, payments for flight tickets with BTA, replacement soldier - payment for another soldier to take his place, immigration clearance and money for private jet to fly him out of Afghanistan since he could not travel alive out of the ordinary airport or using ordinary plane. He sent a cheque to my place & he told me to borrow money with the cheque as guaranteed. I checked with one of the bank here & the staff of the bank said the cheque is genuine. The cheque is in his name & only he can cash it. Until now there is no sign of him. I have never borrowed money before in my life and I am really worried to death now on how I can I even pay it back. It is a large amount of money. I have a respect for soldiers because they sacrificed their lives and I thought that his cause was genuine. Now I do not know who to believe. I am so confused and abandoned on my own. I feel totally dead inside me and I am just existing. I wonder if I live to survive the terrible financial problem I have to face now. I am studying and I am going to have my final exam on the 30/5/12 - 31/5/12. I wonder if I can make through the exam. I have a choatic mind now & I miss concentration regarding my studies and instead the debts I have is occupying my thoughts all the time. I can hardly function at all both mentally and physically.Highly appreciate your valuable advice. Thank you.

  • glede,

    If you feel you have been scammed than you need to pull your emotions together and do something about it. You made the deceision to help this man in whom it sounds like you do not really know. Life teaches us tough lessons at times, in which we learn how to stand up and become strong. This may be the lesson you are to learn now.

    Good Luck to you with this situation and I feel that you will be happy soon as I see the sun breaking through for you in the next two weeks. Let us know how you are doing.


  • Im sorry to hear of what you are going through Glede I agree with Shaubby now you have to set aside how you are feeling and do something about it ., you need to report it to the authorities so it doesnt happen to anyone else . Try not to be to hard on yourself , we all make mistakes . I know its not what you are thinking right now but its not the end of the world . you will overcome this .My thoughts and prayers are with you .

    Love and Hugs Loap:)

  • Dear Shaubby, Thank you for your reply. I was in a vulnerable situation & I have no clue that people can use the name of the US Army to do such dirty thing. He was talking about not wanting to die all the time in Afghanistan & that was what was haunting me into hjelping him. I hope he will be punished soon.It is a great relief and a big consolation to be able to communicate with you and others when I am down and in despair.I appreciated the advice, guidance and support you & others gave to me when I was/am still in difficulty. Once again, thank you very much. Regards, Glede

  • Dear Love and Hugs Loap, Thank you very much for your concern and kind thoughts. Please pray for me. It is prayers I really needed most now. I need to be saved and not be persecuted. It is a rough time for me now and I am trying my best to walk out of the darkness but I need the hands of the LORD and GOD'S ANGELS to pull me through and guide me safely from now on. Regards, Glede

  • Dear Glede,

    There are many evil and mean predators out there that pray on kind hearted good nature people like yourself , they know how to tug at your heart strings. You did what you did with good intentions and that good karma will come back to you .

    Love and light LOap:)

  • Dear LivingonaPrayer; Thank you very much for your reply. It helps a lot to bring out matters in the forum. The advice and guidance which all of you had given me was invaluable and thank you does not sound good enough. I really treasure all of you here who really devoted their precious time in hjelping us when we are down and out. If only, I had been a member of the forum long before, then I do not think I would have got into such predicament. I still need your prayers very much and please continue to pray for me. Thank you for your kind thoughts too. It is hard to understand why people can be so evil and take advantage of the kindness of others. They can laugh now but they will not end up good. The prayer of St. Michael, The Archangel is very powerful and we should join force by prayers to eradicate those evils from the earth who prey on vulnerable and kind people as those evils be it satan or the evil spirits do not belong here with us. Best wishes, Glede

  • Hi Glede

    I do hope you are feeling better. This is beyond disgusting the lengths what some vile and evil people will go to and to demonstrate this behaviour to those that just wish to be kind and helpful.

    I've had an idea but not sure how plausible this is...... You say you have a cheque that he made out but only he can cash it - can you not contact his bank at the actual branch, advise them what's happened and as the bank will have his contact details, such as address, 'phone no. etc. ask them to contact him on your behalf, either via letter or 'phone call informing him that if he does not repay the money that you will have no option but to advise the police. The police can hunt him down via the bank's information. Hopefully the personal details he submitted to the bank are valid.

    Please let us know how you are and if the above is of any use. I totally understand how you must be feeling - I'd be just the same, so my heart goes out to you.

    YB x

  • Well if he is an officer in the US Military he should be easy to find too. Good luck and be careful who you believe in future.


  • Hei Paddi, He is without doubt a criminal. I saw the scammer in the social website this morning and the scammer got the cheek to impersonate another US. Military Officer by abusing another photo of another US Military Officer. Today, I saw the scammer used the name Jose, 62 and the other time Jose Lynch 62. This scammer delected his profile at once when he knew he was discovered. I discovered 3 scammers hiding among the genuine members in that social website. I reported to the website concerned as Report of Abuse. I hope St. Michael the Archangel will hjelp in the defeat of these demons and exposed them. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Love, Glede

  • Dear Shuabby, I feel a bit better and I am not so depressive as before after what had happened to me. At least I managed to walk out of the darkness and out of great despair. I feel new energy flowing inside me which I have never felt before. I hope I can pick up pieces of my life again and recover from the trauma. I still need prayers from all of you to give me the strength and courage to move on. Kindly tell me how will I progress from here, please. Thank you. Kind regards, Glede

  • Hi YummyBrummy! Thank you for your post. He is a scammer and he is a scumbag. I do not understand what do you mean by you have been through this. Can you please explain. I am a bit better. At first I felt more like dying instead of living. I was tortured inside and outside. The pain was unbearable.The only thing I wished at that time was that I did not have to wake up the next day when I went to sleep at night. That was the only consolation for me. I need prayers from all of you to keep me through. Thank you for your concern. Regards, Glede

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