I am a mess... in a total mess...(Captain, I apologize, I know I am weak)

  • I have been debating with myself for 2 weeks, whether I should email a guy friend (ref to my thread before), I've been having chest pains, and couldnt stand the feeling.

    Unortunately i followed my heart and sent him a casual email, and this is what I sent today.

    Just checking, if you are praying at least.. 😉

    Be good. Happy Easter!


    ("Yes", I am fickle-minded, but I am working on it!) lol. 😉

    i've said Goodbye to him many 3rd times, but I keep coming back. I dont know what to do anymore. A job that sits 12 hours a day, and in front of the computer does not really help at all.

    I dont know what to do...


    Can you please give me insight of the consequences of my action? I am losing my common sense anymore.

  • You are bored so you pine for the things and people you don't have. Fix your present by finding something to feel passionate about. Get involved in a hobby or fitness activity. Take a study class. Join a club. You have too much time on your hands. Look for another job if you are bored. I sense in you a curious lack of motivation or energy to change your life but no one else can do it for you. Stop complaining about being weak and start doing.

  • Also you need to make some new friends where you live, not linger in long distance email relationships with no future that are 'safer' than meeting people in the flesh.

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