Cancer Guy..wanting second shot with Taurus girl?

  • CancerTeen -

    No. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you get consumed with her. I mean if you start driving past her house in the middle of the night, or leaving her voice messages of just only you breathing in the phone that’s one thing…but to make her your muse I think it’s sweet.

    So still no word?? She hasn’t responded at all yet??? You two don’t have any mutual friends that you can call and ask if she’s seeing anyone?? Or even mentioned you??

  • Hi CC!. Thanks for the relief of mind man. 🙂

    Yes yes..actually we have mutual friends..this we do have..and I've contacted a mutual friend of ours on FB an hour ago in fact..(had to invite her first..she just recently accepted me right the befriending FB-msg sent to this 'friend' - who's a better friend of hers - i'm sure she'll attend to in time)...but basically..when I think of "TaurusGirl"s thinking-patterns...I do think she finds my late inclination "immature" in a sense..and intuition has it for me that she's NOT gonna respond to that FB-msg I sent priorly..not because of disenchantment necessarily..but more because OF THE APPROACH..she's shy..i know this for a I said she's not the WILDEST bull when it comes to experiences..and I glean that she doesn't plan on responding to such AT ALL.. because whenever I communicate with her in platonic fashion - there are no odds & she reciprocates - until I add sugary sentiment - i think she doesn't want to attend to anything 'love-conceived'..she's very prideful..I know that..holds her own feelings high in esteem.

    So i'm not really too bothered on thinking it could signify disinterest..whatever she sees fit for us..I'll accept it because I just respect her that much. She's a good girl & could own her reasons...however the reasoning to her quiet disposition in this case concerning contact in a "love-relation-fashion" has - as I recognise too well - everything to do with her pride. .lol..

    Like she told me once stubbornly: "IT TAKES ALOT TO GET MY ATTENTION!"..of course that was her quote on having noticed I was becoming a hunter for her "bull's-eye"..and on every notion I made ,like grabbing her hand.. she'd keep smiles in gritted teeth..but always lash out subconsciously things of that nature"IT TAKES ALOT".."WHAT DO U WANT?" make me I guess..fall-back a little.

    The thing is..I'm glad you mentioned that it's a good deed that I'm keeping her "musingly- consuming" in mind...because if I remember correctly..she doesn't like being stalked/ feeling tagged down..even if she's to be targetted in that way (one of the reasons I don't ask for her phone number..and I know she's told me stories of stalker upon stalkers in her life once..I don't wanna be that dude)

    All I can do now I estimate - is to communicate with this newly acquired mutual-friend..find out indirectly where she is/ what she's that you know..I can initiate a birthday gift's surprise wherever she plans on having her b-day held - just keep it a bit spontaneous - and not stay too long - so that she at least knows I really had her in mind & thinks about me when I leave briefly on offering presents & small-talk)

    I now have to play at a very directly, visible that it doesn't seem like I'm not deliberating feelings that are really there - but rather she be thinkin i'm making smoke of it in text msgs - I can feel me having to go out of my way a lil bit here - because I know she's got the stubbornness of the world.and reveals her feelings when intimately involved..the common taurean trait..and I do value it..because I know if I can break that cold-void continuously they'll be plenty for me to cherish of her in the end.

    Cos even if she thinks of me & mentions me to mutual friendz in passing..what will that be in the end..other than her own muse..... - and you know what CC - you're making me reflect a little..

    I think she actually likes me but has a gut-feeling about me that I know is a FIXED IDEA (which when taureans have is unfortunately permanent) that I won't be sustainable enough to man her know in communicative-style..(i was very quiet in high-school..when I'd start to open up..she knew it's cos I liked her for-sure, definately) that image of a soft-spoken man who can't harness her ability to admit being a bit lovestruck by me IS WHAT'S UNDERLYING I AM SURE.

    Luckily I'm still on holidays..her birthday's this I'm even questioning my own capability of rising to the occasion..but knowing that it has to flow naturally brings me back down to earth. I'll be fine. I just know she wants me to crawl, walk, run, leap & then jump before we can fly together..this girl likes the idea of me being obsessed with her..i don't know if it's a taurean-girl -thing. (or maybe an "all-girls-thing") ..but I can tell she likes knowing I fantasize about her being my gf.

    SHE HAS A VERY STUBBORN HORN FORWARD..SO WITH HER IT'S BUSINESS/NONSENSE IN A WAY..any card I play will be judged on whatever surface..I'm even afraid that this "mutual-friend" - who is a better friend of hers - will give her the heads-up - like "there's this dude who knows u, seems interested, asks this & that, etc" - so i'm being cautious but at the same time putting best foot-forward. Suggestions welcome.:)

  • You are very right about us , Taureans LOVE the idea of a possible obsession to us, I want to be adored and I love knowing that I occupy his my cancer friends mind 24/7!

    "I just know she wants me to crawl, walk, run, leap & then jump before we can fly together" Of course we do , then where else is our proof???? I need to see some serious action before I give any inch. I am demanding in a non verbal way, I know it seems childish but I feel when im in love, I give my ALL, I give out soo much more than I receive , and its o.k. , really it is , because I love to nuture and to care for my loved ones, I get my real energy from being in love, it gives me REAL-HONEST-TO-GOD-PLEASURE to spoil my man with over the top affection, its what we do best.

    So thats why I need to take things slow, because I need to be 100% sure of the person I am going to share all this with , nothing casual will do for me!!! Thats what scares me about the Cancer men, and hearing cancer teen makes me nervous , why all of a sudden all this admiration for this Taurus woman now?? Where did this stem from , why now? What changed in your life , or what took place to make you come looking for someone you merely exchanged a few words with??? I am asking not sarcastically, but just to really understand , the manner in which this all came about sounds like the Cancer man in my life who all of sudden acts like I am the one he always knew he wanted , even though I have been in front of him the whole time???? It brought up a million questions in my head , Im still trying to make sense of it all. lol

  • Earthangel2 - I so feel what your saying. 110% agree with your discription of having to be 100% sure that the person whom your spending all this time with is "The one" or at lest intentions are true and honest.

    That scares me about Cancers too. That how can you just switch on hard emotions like that? Its almost like a romantic comedy!

    Can you answer that question CancerTeen? You know I fully get/know that your telling the truth about your love for this girl. But what changed your mind so fast that now after a year you are coming forward? Why not a month or 6 after you two graduated?

    Was it one of those things like absence makes the heart grow fonder?

  • Hi EarthAngel..Thanks for coming onboard on my love-rescue-ship 🙂

    You too CC..thanks for consistently replying..appreciate it:-)

    It does seem strange..doesn't it..the sudden rush to demonstrate my feelings to someone who was virtually silently yearning priorly to my standoffishness..but really..I was only sidestepping out of insecurity in the head was only subconsciously enchanted by her little beautiful physique..and it was only late last year..that I started (during final-exam period) noting that this girl...however talkative she may genuine nonetheless..and you know that initial cancerian insecurity & shyness to deliver was.. all due to the lack of knowledge of her disposition & manner of being..not to mention rejection which as a TRUE CANCERIAN.. I fear IN ANY FORM..(her saying I want you.. but have a BOYFRIEND.".. would've threw me off as much as "No..I don't want you, sorry")..but all in all..the REASON WAS DUE to her sugar-coating her sweet& compassionate nature behing a "Toro!"-mask of a Bull with stubborn-talk..and unfortunately Taureans and Cancerians are notorious for displaying an image of toughness when deep down inside we're all hearty cuddles & cotton-candy

    That's why I've chosen to express my sentimentality much as they'll reckon me a SOFTY..because at the end of the day.. that's what I am.

    I've read that because us Cancerians are ruled by the planetary Moon..we tend to change temperament like the Moon does it's shape often..but with her..that wasn't the case..I wanted to know..much like a Taurean..that I was dealing with a SURE-THING..and I disliked that I was bottling a dose of emotions that she knew not of evermore growing daily..understandably,yes, she hadn't a clue as "I merely exchanged a few words with her" and gave indirect signs of my interest..

    And you know it's true EarthAngel..that's probably what she's thinking..

    "Why all of a sudden all of this"

    I won't even be insincere about it..nothing really happened to make me grow a stronger backbone about my feelings..I felt this connection which I knew was attributed to being more than smitten..and didn't want to get side-tracked during my Gr12 year..where I was focusing on getting varsity-grades & making that transition..which she too was..and I remember specifically being discouraged by the fact that "Next year it's goodbye to secondary-school life..New people, new experiences".. and both being that devoted I didn't want her to entail me as a "distraction".

    So I drowned my emotions in my books..telling myself they'll be more & surely better people to overcome in love-fests..but I never for once..during these 5 months that we haven't spoken verbally..lost that ZEAL that I felt when I partially interacted with her (which however short-lived it may've been - she is testimonial that the vibe was incredulous - unreal - whenever we would just be around each other's presence)...

    I do feel like us Cancerian Males need to be more BOLD and LESS emotional about our feelings altogether..because we are sincere, but the way we go about them in our shelled-up-mono-tone..makes people question our intentions..which r actually pure..

    And you know what..for me..shyness in love.. is just more than instinctive because I've been hurt and lost so many lovers (to whom I stored a bounty - but it was unrequited).. that I decided that 2011 was a year I didn't want to commit..

    "Once bitten, twice shy"..can you imagine a crabbily-natured CANCERIAN that's bitten more-than-once to react to love?. I began to second-guess her.. ..and well- Taureans triple-guess when it comes to love..we're both slow to expose our inner-fillings with our coverings..that's why I know (for us cancers) it's always nice to get passed the initial dibble & dabble stages)...

    However because I learnt of astrological compatibility during these last few months excessively (the prompted motivation to further pursue her) fascinates me just HOW EQUI-VOCAL IN EVERY ASPECT.. Cancerians and Taureans really are. (we crabs are just more heartily attached than you Bulls)..It really concluded to me that I let slip a longevity-type of a relationship..which I need..even if she's not the restore the belief I have that true love exists..and trust me..she's a good girl..I know it..studying her sun-sign analysis of her birth-chart (without ascendant..because I don't know her birth time ,lol) revealed to me that..apart from her sun-sign in Taurus..She is an Aries in Mercury (the planet that dictates communication-style)..which would explain her talkativeness..but she got Straight-A's, didn't hang too much around the irresponsible much and had a bond with a TRUSTWORTHY group of friends..loyalty is a big deal to taurus..and cancer (thus me) it hits me like an astrological cosmic rock what I'm losing out on..

    Thanks for the feedback..I do concur with you..I'll have to step my game up.. don't know how I can make my previous vagueness being converted into gravity seem placid to her.. but I think steadfast consistency is the key..otherwise I'll have to live knowing that "I could've befitted a steady girl's heart once" know..these days it's so hard to find..that's why I need to reignite her to recognise that I'm serious about her & stick to her. Thanks once again for response.

  • To CC: Yes I do agree as well..It's not as I've said above to EarthAngel..It's not exactly a time-related's more of a mental-thing..where I realise that "I'm really onto something good here"'s not to make her appear like she's my "astrologically-proven" saviour..I really did feel drawn to her persona..I could somehow even bond with her..I always enlikened her to this tough-tuddy-bear..because she's so aggravated in movement & communication..but equally sensual..

    and the constrast always appealing to me..and I wanted to get to know her..I'll just say I was preoccupied before..

    But now that I'm free-thinking & analysing my future..I know she is the type of girl I need.

    Sometimes I feel like just texting her and going poetic on her..but her silence threatens me (I've already texted her I go overboard & rewrite?) so I don't..don't wanna seem like a stalker..or someone who's just tryna prove a point ("like i can make you mine, bcos I glean you beautiful enough to be")

    I will be updating. Stay tuned ya'll..

    Much love


  • The only thing that really sucks about side-stepping & playing backwards..crabby.. toward someone you really not that you don't move forward with the person necessarily...the problem in my the fact that she won't be able to take me seriously..I already know she thinks of me "immature;y" in a sense..because exchanging words with her was rare, even if pro-found by herself..but that was for educational interpret that she finds me unmanly more-so because of that impulsive show of interest & then utter solemnity, glances & then blushing, tip-toeing quietness..that sorta thing..and I know it pissed off..because she is a direct person..who with correspondence of interest on her own part..felt it to be kinda disharmony how I couldn't unravel what was really building inside of know..but how much openly-conversational can I get? I have so much summed up..that I have to conserve some you know. She's highly thought if herself..and so..for me to indulge in what she perceives as "fickleness" doesn't sit well with her..then again..if I portray a real sculpture of my esteem that her retaliation must be limited 9eben if she feels the same) so as not to break her dominant-portrayed streak..You get my point..It's a little difficult for a person to know how to approach when you know that a PERSON WHO LIKES YOU and will LIKE THE IDEA OF ADMIRATION will not show that they're fond of you/that admiration...but will stride in confident silence so as not to depict herself vulnerable in any sense..and that might deter me to being reckoned unwanted or it's just hard because taurus is more practical, stubborn & granted when it comes to enchantment & love then us sea-crabs..we are watery!!! ( on that)

  • I meant she's highly though OF herself (i.e..she thinks of herself highly..very confident..bull-headed)

  • oops again..HIGHLY-THOUGHT OF HERSELF..(lol)

  • oops.."9eben"..mistake..(meant "even" if she feels the same)...crab-fingers;)

  • okay... 2 more errors only..where it says "shell esteem"'s SHE'LL esteem" and where it says "granted" - second last line - it's "grounded". Lol..I'll have to censor before I post. Hope ya'll get it:)

  • So whats the best course of action when it comes to being in a relationship with a side stepping crab?

    I know you guys HATE to be ignored, but I hate doing that to a person because its just mean. You could always be direct but then I think about how you guys hate aggressiveness and I can see you guys running back into your shell.

    So how do you deal or put your foot down and be direct and stern with how you feel without scaring the crap out of him/her?

  • Cancer teen. Often through my experience with young Taurus females (known one since she was a teen - a friend of mine). They can play head games. Because they are afraid. And insecure through that overconfidence, it's almost like they are pretending to be what they want to be, confident, until they believe it)

    When a taurus is emotionally immature, and hasnt had enough experience in love and relationships and they are solely attracted to superficial material possessions and physical beauty, and it takes a lot of growing up and hard knocks and awakening on their part for them to learn this is NOT important in love. And until they learn this, they are not able to have decent relationships. It's all based on shallow physical traits, possessions, money, and what they perceive as love under these falsehoods. If you look good they will follow you. (and they can brag, money, looks possessions and as if they are the best at everything. NOT! )

    They can push people away with pretending they are not interested or they will make it difficult to get to them. They have the ability to pretend not to want you and act this way, and then after causing all the drama, they regret it and secretly sulk and crave what they threw away -which is the person they really want. They will act like they are not interested and I think it's their fear of rejection and wanting attention and immaturity.

    Cancers have a tendency to do the same thing when they are involved. Act like they don't care, say the opposite of what they are feeling. Stay away. Play mind games. Step forward back, etc., It is just awful.

    Most important things to do. Be direct, be consistent, be honest, be real, be connected, be interested and Show interest, and put her in her place if she isnt acting properly and she do the same for you. And no matter, if she comes to you or if you are rejected, Do not close your heart, Do keep love alive within yourself. And take action. If you like a girl show her. If a girl likes you, see it through. Stop the games at all costs. And recognize when you are playing unfair and playing games. Good luck!

  • Involved = UNEVOLVED. Typos from my iPad....

  • Hey CC:)...I think the best course of action I think would definately be communicate in a very soft-toned manner..because we cancerians are fortunately responsive to that..once the yells are expressed in truth of sentiment..we cage back into our you could try that..put your foot down'll see some lights flickering that you've jabbed em'...but he'll get up off the ground & do somthing about it


    That's EXACTLY how she is..and I kinda figured that she "hides her insecurity behind overconfidence, likes possessions, certain traits, pretends to be the best - so NOT"

    It is 100% true..but lemme add on to's true, when they;re younger (I've read it somewhere as well)..that taureans are very drawn to materialistic deeds in love..and learn to grow out of the admiration of such & mind-games as they get older - THAT'S - what she was beginning to do with me..she started simplifying herself...I can totally relate to what you're saying K-muse..

    I can remember her becoming very realistic with me towards the end of last year..she stopped being so bull-headed & consumed with the falsehoods of making impressions toward me..probably cos I guess I started realising she's overall a good-critter & she then started really demeaning her true colours..(hence her trying to afterward sugar-coat it)...She'd at that point greet me differently, sweetly, and when I was amidst convos with her & her friends and they'd start a convo about "status-fulfilled people in school"..she'd keep know..not depict her certain type of home-livelihood..(and it's for sure that she is a girl who fancies that "impressionable character" to make her a goof boyfriend)..but she kinda swallowed spit a little during that convo..and I picked up the vibe she didn't want to reveal a "false" connotation of home..which her friends there..knew all too well..

    "They're fear of rejection..wanting ATTENTION"...."Saying things they don't really mean, t"Dude you really know what you're talking about..I kinda caught that on..You know what else..she started nudging me that she was also interested with forceful-reverse-psychology "Hey what is it?..You.. wanna see my panties?" said it in a tomboyish way..(and she's kinda impartial to that in manner/ I knew something was up)...she didn't say it in an overbearing dominant was she WANTED a RESPONSE to's weird..I just did a flat-laugh.(that was then). However I can absolutely identify with what you saying - "quit the mind games, be real, be consistent, be direct"

    And the thing about it is..deep down they are so soft..I'm telling you man..they have a hard-edge about them..I can still picture this Taurus Girl gaping at "cutting"..up until I started being very upfront in talking to "Hey..where do you in town?"..things of that nature..she'd respond calmly & there was no "hardness" in her image..they're just like us Cancerians. THEY ESPECIALLY..don't like to feel "vulnerable"..that's just it..I acknowledge that.

    It's like now with this silent treatment she's giving me...I also don't believe it's really based around "getting 'one-up' on me"..but just her own insecurities in play,, like not knowing how to respond to such - and because she doesn't operate on indirectness - she's bound to either REPLY..OR.. NOT. It is immature. It is.

    So is to lay it all on the table..and just see if her cards will eventually match mine? :-/..

    cos I don't know're really reflecting things that I'm aware of..and for me..I'm just..too emotional for all these mind-games as it is already. She's very fanciful in her outer- appearance..but I've seen this latent humanity spark out of her at odd times.. u know when I was lively & direct with her. Problem is that influence of an attitude.. that it's cool to be mysterious - and whatnot - and I know I'm young..but dude..for how long can I portray that image of something that is unreal..i think about her daily..and I have to pretend like it's all cloudy & over-with when it comes to contacting her..i'm done with that.

    The only way I think as a Cancerian..that I can win her true by appealing to that soft-side (that's where I can handle things comfortably)..and because it'll make her feel uncomfy..never having been subdued to will make her react in ways she never knew were there..It's that "give this and you get that" policy. I can cater to her..cos I feel like no one's ever really HELD know..made her feel LIKE A GIRL..the way she pauses joints when I touched her said alot..even if she said nothing..It's the FACT THAT SHE SAID NOTHING THAT COUNTS TO ME..She simply melted wordless..and she's as talkative as a parrot (lol) you know.................I'm not even gonna play at the "get-her-comfy-zone" area and rub the bull until friction makes it move...I'm gonna play at the "uncomfy-arena'..really emotionally woo and hope the bull turns into a cow..(lol,,shows that femininity that I've seen in her).

  • um...sorry..not sure it if you're a girl or a guy:-)...thanks all the same..I appreciate the feedback.

  • AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!! :)...She poked me on facebook...lmao..corny huh? :-)..but still..and 5 seconds after I poked her I wasn't (& know she's never..) on the she..was she thinkin bout me?? I know I was - about her..:-)..I was checkin out HER page the minute she poked you think - maybe she could see I was checkin her FB-page..I don't know..but it's odd - cos she had to have gone to MY-PAGE to POKE I don't know..i'm feeling all tingly'm a sucker for love.

  • It's as though we we were BOTH checkin' out each other's facebook-page..ok..wait..lemme play "Devil's-Advocate" a little here - maybeeeeeee...there's a way to see if your facebook friends are checkin out your page - when u'r online - riiigght? :-/...

  • I've been trying to catch up on the updates but do fill me in if I missed it, you haven done the flowers bit but words yes?

    Taureans move REALLY slowly. Tremendous interest slows action down further, haha. Seriously, it doesn't work quite well as Taureans get rather perplexed and slow down to observe just how serious the potential mate is. Most responses are subtle because that's exactly how we feel; rather little. It's time to warm up.

    I can only say that you really have to meet her , date her before it becomes slightly more of a reality.

    Bulls when young, do have a strong sense of materiallism, I agree, I was like that too and that will go on for years till we learn more about reality. I know that I learnt like such, went a full circle and decided that a bond is more important than the guy's financial status. I can't speak for all Bulls but one in her early-twenties could still be learning as she plods on 🙂

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