Cancer Guy..wanting second shot with Taurus girl?

  • Hi all u folk. I'm a cancer male..thank you in advance for reading this. In my gr12 year of high school..I fell in love with a Taurus first, we had no communication..and any opportunity of interracting w/ one another via our friends grouping always resulted in subtle hostility..In short, I didn't like her. She came across as the cute gal with an enormous attitude of dominance & presumptuous persona (her very straightforward, combative remarks towards the quiet kid - me - conceived to me this idea). In the second semester of Gr12..I happened to have had a fateful chance to converse w/ her whence we were the first 2 students outside our afternoon classroom..I noted that the minute I put my sentimental fears of her animosity toward me away..the convo started to flow from the moment we sat together..I always was physically attracted to her..but like many of taurus ppl (no offence to any) - her attitude was so dominant and a bit slighted..she is born 28th April/93 and I on... 22nd July/93..she later did admit to being stubborn when we became more involved in convo. I never asked for her phone digits or facebook or anything..bcos in my mind our friendship was strictly "colleague-oriented" as were our discussions. It was only after the Grade 12 Farewell Ball..that I really noticed more of that beauty that her school dress I was so drawn to her that night..and considering her normal attitude /behaviour..I was surprised she wud flirt back occasionally even with the tough representation she held. After that night (in which we danced & exchanged mutual glances of interest)..things changed btw us..the next semester it was almost as though one of us wud always try & impress the other..looks-wise, convo-wise & even peers began to notice. On my bday that July 22nd..she discovered I'm a Cancer..and I..that she was a Taurus (at the time I knew little abt atsrology)..I must confess I was taken by the fact that she would greet me & sometimes give me a look of longing..I thot maybe it's just the teenage hormones taking over us..but being intuitive - i could feel more behind it - once I fondled w/ her body whence she was facing outward thee library door and I approached it to exit..of course pretending it was a mistake w/ a whisper that suggested more that it was purposeful (lol - sorry babe, didn't c u there" - insincere). She didn't mind & that gave me some confidence. Afterward..I would always follow her from class-to-class..i could feel her face containing a grin when I'd follow her from a class to another..she even started commenting remarks such as ("My mom knows your dad..he's her doctor..i'm gonna tell him what u do to me in school")..but it's the way she said it..that told me she was game..not only..but like myself - she seemed to be a-bit of a loner from the rest of the population at school (that was what motivated me). A good girl overall..and still I hadn't the fireworks to release the already well-erupting volcano within me..(no sexual connotation - I meant to "tell her the truth".. mainly due to the fact that exams were cornering & we were both devoted students. I couldn't help sometimes even in exam halls - to stare her down..a short curvaceous figure but with so much intelligence & a big heart as I discovered just prior to exams of things such as "she'd like to travel abroad..she doesn't mind what anyone thinks of her etc). I swear our views couldn't be more intertwined. ended on that note..a bit of a distant colleague, secret admirer type-of-wrap-up. I can't help it. I go on facebook..look at her just remember that this girl gave me all the signs..could've been mine..but I was of course on another propelled path. However..I do want her & believe she would make me a good girlfriend. She is what I need. A rock for my waterfall of emotions. Please..people..I have her facebook contact..and I want to rebuild a chemistry that leads to intimacy with her..I think she's what I've always wanted. Thus reading about Taurus and Cancer astrological compatibility confirms what i've alwaws gleamed to be the set-up between me and this taurus girl. Help me melt this beautiful earthy person..thank you..your feedback is welcome ya'll. Hollar.

  • Wow boy...even in your blog I can tell how much you really care for this girl, and this has been on your mind and heart for some time.

    I’ve always said that Teenage love is the best love of all, because it’s when love is pure. Without distraction, and responsibilities, No pressure from the world and those around you.

    I am a Taurus myself, male, but lucky for you we are all mostly built the same. Girls are just a bit more…mushy. But since I’m Gay I think I kinda fit into that category as well.

    I myself joined this website because I was having issue with a Cancer guy, so I’ve learned a lot about your nature. The Do-and-Donts. So to hear you write some things about how you didn’t like her aggressive nature is pretty funny to me, because we Taurus can’t stand Cancers nature to sidestep. We are pretty straight forward and will tell you exactly what we do and do not like, and if we are into you you’ll know it because you will feel that special ray of attention we give to those whom we are into(Check out my post, and if you can comment. I would love to hear what you think).

    I will be straight forward with you when it comes to your dilemma (or lack thereof one). First the good news…Your girl definitely liked you, it’s obvious from what you wrote that she was attracted to you. The bad news, you kinda blew it when you didn’t move aggressively towards her. However! There is some good news, all isn’t lost. You still have time here.

    What I would do is I would write her a letter. I don’t think you mentioned how long has been since you two talked to one another, but I depending on the time I would write her and see if she’s seeing anyone. If she says no, then I would basically tell her how your feeling. Tell her EXACTLY what you wrote us. Tell her about the first time you sow her, make sure to add how you didn’t like her and how you came to respect and care for her deeply, and then ask her if she feels the same way (which I’m sure she does). Then you can take it from there.

    I know you Cancers are Terribly afraid of rejection and I’m guessing that’s why you haven’t made a move on her yet, because you’re afraid of her not reciprocating feeling towards you, and in turn you coming out of it alone…but dude…you can’t think this way. Confucius wrote “an object that is not moving forward is moving backwards” Think about that….from what I see that is exactly what you’ve been doing. You have to say something to her, or else you’re just going to keep on coming back to what “could have been” instead of moving towards “What could be”. Another good quote that I would like to share for you and the rest of the cancers are “Piss of get off the Pot” meaning when it comes to us Bulls we have a TON of patience. So we can handle your cancer mood swings, and disappearing acts, and some occasional side stepping, but no one is going to wait on you to make a move forever. You’re a guy…and though gender roles suck sometimes it’s socially “right” that you make the first move. We Taurus crave security, we are very cautious people by nature. We judge people off of their actions. So if you like her, and want to be with her I would go to the store, buy her some flowers write her a letter and give it all to her. That way you have told her that you liked her both through your actions (flowers/writing a letter) and words (the letter). Both things MUST match up, or else we don’t tend to believe the person….What we hate, and let me cap that…HATE is when you guys do the cupid shuffle and sidestep around your emotions. That looks like your being fickle, and can’t make your mind up to us, and if it’s one thing that we hate is those who are “fickle” (not saying you are, but keep this in mind). You cannot be “sometimes-z” about your feelings towards us. Either you like us and want to be with us, or you don’t. Remember We are a sign of routine, so we need for you to be who we know you to be ALL THE TIME. The good thing about your situation is that you two know each other, your good friends, so she should at this time trust you.

    Point blank…talk to her.

    Flowers & Letter. And give her a day or two to think about it, but if she really likes you as much as you think she does she is prob going to throw you down and jump your bone right there…

  • #ConfusingCancer..thanks man..I really do see the need to step up and prove that I'm man enough to own her emotions - which I do truly feel r there - now it makes sense... "You cannot be -sometimes-z' - lol. You're right..I actually now do understand that she must've taken me to be fickle. I have contacted her recently, 2days ago in fact (before I blogged), stating pretty much the sum of my emotions for yeah..of course because it is now a year after our Gr12 year basically..I am sure she's going to take my late inclination as 'immature'..but I'm willing to remove my insecurity of rejection & just see where it takes me. She hasn't responded but something tells me she'll like the confession..even if she chooses not to reciprocate for a reason of her own (could be that she has a boyfriend as u've mentioned as a possibility)..She's just such a good girl & deserves a real person to nurture her..u know..not someone who's intentions are vague. She is Sun/Taurus, Moon/Cancer, Venus/Aries.. Mars: Leo

    I am a Sun/Cancer; Moon/Virgo, Venus/Gemini.. Mars: Virgo.

    on top of the feelings I really have THE COMPATIBILITY RATE IS JUST TOO ENDEARING TO IGNORE. (i'll blog your topics too..thank you)

  • Unfortunately my only way of contacting her is facebook-messaging..she lives kinda far from me..but I'll see whether I can contact her cousin & from there have a bouquet delivery/ maybe even do it personally (but I'm scared of her lol) ..and I will devote myself to consistency henceforth. Any more comments are welcome..

  • Well I wish you luck! I know it will work out, and I seen that you comment on a bunch of other post about Cancers and Taurus so that lets me know that you’ve done your homework which is a good thing when it comes to us. You should look up one post that I posted about Taurus women, and how to “Handle” them.

    Maybe you can help me with my guy.

    We were close, like spending time together every week. He introduced me to his family, and even his ex-boyfriend. We didn’t have S.E.X. but did…other things. It was after a conversation that we had about me not liking fickle people, or people who make promises and disappear on me that he told me that he wanted to just be friends…I of course agreed because I didn’t want to pressure him and I also didn’t want to kick him out of my life because I enjoyed having him around. But it seems like since then he’s just been really distant…at first he was so attentive, like we were in constant communication, and now it’s like we talk via Facebook, E-mail, or text EVERYDAY but its more or less like a casual conversation. No depth like it was before.

    I hate this!!

    I’m trying to have patience, but it’s hard. To go from having direction and progress to what now feels like I’m just going through the motions is hard for me. I told him that I NEVER stay friends with people whom I’ve gotten intimate with because it’s just hard for me to look at them in a platonic non-I Like you kind of way after they’ve gotten close to me. But I made an exception for him because I really like him, but now it seems like I’m kicking myself in the butt because I can’t stand the distance, and being in this friend zone. And its only been like a month!! I feel like I have no right to ask to be more open because not “together” or working towards together were just friends. But I see a total change in him. The guy he used to be is replaced by this person that seems so cold and emotionally withdrawn.

    I now find myself pulling away as well, because I feel like In a small way I’m giving myself false hope. But it’s hard for me to be emotionally withdrawn from people whom I care about, that are why the easiest way for me to deal with situations like this is to just cut the person out of my life completely. Or ignore them…

    I just don’t know what to do, or what it was that I did to make him have such a drastic change of heart.

  • CC...Thanks 1ce again for responding. Appreciate it. Don't work yourself up..I think you should ignore him for awhile..because what's the use of being emotionally-tortured basically..that must hurt man. minute potential lovers..the next debassing friends..I understand

    He is in my estimation afraid of disappointing you. Obviously he backed out of intimate-contact when ya'll were discussing about your dislike of fickle people. People who don't keep promises, etc.

    It's's almost as though he's suggesting to you (if you sit back to analyze it)..that he himself is fickle in a sense. However as i wrote above..he's afraid of intimacy..I probably could see a reaction on his part as the best suggestion for now..lay low..keep it friendly where he expects the relation to be..and then see if he'll pull any tricks on you..because it is also obvious that he's got love for 1st to be very personal & connected to you..the next moment only after the "conversation of fickleness" to decide for himself that the boundary is love..

    #ConfusingCancer the ball is in HIS court for now right..lay low & see if there's prosperity..the minute he's ready..well you'llknow what to dobecause you're obviously way beyond ready to take it to the next level and facebook's casual convo & msg'ing just won't do it (lol).

    Have know us Cancerian-men by now..too sensitive & we get discarded by certain opinions very quickly at times..if you want to take an altenative could be a straightforward (yert round-about- to conserve your feelings a little) by telling him u have a crush on don't know how to tell them..and don't know if they feel the same. You have to be very composed in ambiance though (he is he could pick up a vibe)..

    but basically the study of his responses & his facial expressions, which I'd suggest you pay careful attention to..should tell you everything.

    Look him in narrow in the eyes CC...Prosperity your way Taurus!! 🙂

  • CC:What I suggested you do would be best if you contacted him in maybe break the ice ..shall you?...

    I don't know whether i am in love with this Taurus girl...or why I even want another shot with her at all..but I just..for once think I found someone I can relate know? This wasn't just another high-school crush (and I'm not tryna make it sound like a Cinderella Story)..but I felt there's a future there for get that feeling sometimes..well I've never gotten it until now.

    She's perfect for me...her very headstrong remarks are somewhat attractive..when you're looking at this petite beautiful girl just expressing herself..It's wonder why you fall for people who have attitudes that you can't do much but condone..It's like "you can't live with them, can't live without them"-type-of-thing.

    She still hasn't responded..and with the pride that she holds in esteem of her feelings - I am sure she'll be too stubborn to tell me what she feels after the facebook msg I sent..I know she feels for me..and it's not something I tell myself for's's just there..If she didn't it would be easy for her to delete my contact or send me a msg saying she doesn't want me to ever invite her / text her on FB again.

    Thanks for the luck man..I'll need it..I'm hoping I can re-kindle things with her before I start school next semester...I want a decent relationship this time..with someone like her. It takes time to find people who compliment you so well (that's what she

    NO constrast whatsoever.. I can still remember melt in my arms when I hug her tiny little waist..she likes makes a nostalgic face..i know she really wants me to do something very aggresive about my feelings..and I've already thought about my "suggested-fickle-role" which she had perceived it to be in high-school...and after you spoke on your situation and how even convos via FB can be vague & meaningless (bcos it depends on how you're imagiining the person saying..what they're saying..& how you perceive them communicationg online)..i find that contacting via FB and phone numbers won't really do it..I need to link up with her I think..idk maybe it will show her my feelings are beyond the regular..cos it can be very cheaply conceived that I want to lay her know..and that's not the case. I want more than that.

    Will keep you updated !! 🙂

  • I have learned one thing tho....You guys hate being Ignored...

    Seems like the more I ignore him the more he tries to contact me....I just feel bad for doing it.

  • @ ConfusingCancer

    Hello, I have read alot of your post on Taurus men and you seem very insightful and I soo Love your advice very open and non judgmental. I have a huge problem on my hands and I need some advice if you are wiling to listen its quite a story to tell. do you have a direct email that you wouldn't mind giving out? if not I totally understand. 🙂

  • Hello Cancerteen,

    I have been reading the whole thread and will concur with confusingcancer that flowers and words will be a good way to gauge her current interest. Taureans love both and a cancerian will probably be best person to give the two to a Taurean as the ex-cancer man and i used to discuss - any issue (unless a ginormous one) can be sorted out with a simple stalk of white rose. It's never really about the quantity if you get what I mean 🙂

    Words IS the best way that Bulls express themselves. I know I do. I can't quite bring myself to say alot of things so do better writing affection. Hence I would believe that well-expressed thoughts will go down well with the object of your affection.

    Bulls can wait for the longest time, rather silently, I might add. 😃

    I am not going to be presumptuous to gauge her interest here; it's well, not really my style too! because there are some things that I know you know best. Sometimes I prefer to think that the person in the particular moment knows the feeling best so trust yourself.

    I'm wondering if she has replied your FB message? If not, you probably caught her off-guard. Bulls are prone to inertia, haha. There's often a tumult of emotions which require re-arranging before they can be be expressed. Bulls take quite sometime to realise affection, if only for the fact that we are steeped in reality and doesn't quite give into giddy love quite that easily.

    If she does respond positively sometime to come,then yes, she probably felt the very same but chose to keep quiet.

    However, reality also, is in play here. It's been some time. I feel that you have tremendous emotions for her which have been bottled up so actual interaction with her has been minimal till now. Alot of things could have happened in her life without you knowing so I'll say all the best 😉

    Do update and take care 🙂

  • To're right. It's true..we do often feel very neglected & start to wonder about the person's reasons for ignoring us..absence makes the heart grow fonder as they CC 🙂


    Hi-hi..thanks for commenting as well..yeah you're both right..wordplay & visual affection will work (flowers & poetry)..She still hasn't responded..and you may be right to assume she's been caught off-guard (i can almost guarantee it too).

    .My only actual concern is whether she found someone..she's quite a pretty thing to I do feel many guys have tried to create a bond of some kind with her (makes me really go uncertain about a second shot with her)..& all in all with the contact so minimal..I do fear a disappointing reaction from that FB message..however.. being that on the 28th of this month she'll be celebrating her b-day..i feel compelled to make a presence to her place that day (am already planning on how to locate her living area...stalker-style i just know she'll love the b-day surprise..they'll be a chance to offer flowers & a gift..perhaps perfume & chocs..? will see).

    I also do believe that I can make a lasting impression on her..because this Bull isn't really a very wild one (if u know what I mean)..and it's surprising at the hot-blooded age of 18 going 19..that she's still kinda innocent. Then again when I think of the mystique of things that may have transpired in her life recently. .yeah now that could turn around the rate of my chance w/ her. Thing is I know I can make this girl happy..she's a girl that is REAL only with the people she's upclose & personal with..which r just a I know the minute I can get her on a date..things will flow naturally - the trend of all Cancer & Taurus dates..

    And faithful as Taurean women r to their partners..I'm afraid she could want to give me a second chance..but be left inertial due to the ongoing relation with whomever it "might" be.

    I'm a crab who's done looking for love where the match is compatibly a i don't know..and now I have enough confidence to stop bottling my feelings toward her bcos from all your advisory responses I can see - that being undemonstrative of what I feel - has hurted more than helped me. Taureans love honest communication. I get it now...will be updating:-)..let me hope she responds on FB (fingers crossed)

  • The very nerve-wrecking thing I feel about the affectionate msg I left on Facebook to that I know I sent it on the 25th March...and she has seen it..cos i noticed she deleted her count of friends on FB in this last week (luckily I made the cut - haha)...

    I wonder what she thought.."Oh this boy!!...wasting my time..high school is over!!!"..I don't know..but I left a really nice message was more of a confession of emotions & me complimenting her for being the decent girl that's hard for a sincere guy to find nowadays..and just paying respects to her for turning out to be totally different from the conceited, selfish girl I thought she was... to actually turning out to be a real sweetheart..wishing her the best for her future..and that hopefully I meet someone like her sometime soon to accompany my emotional state of being..just somewhat poetic & diplomatic as well in other cases..but I made sure not to talk about school..or what she's doing now at all..(even though I wanna know that actually)..but only to emphasize that i'm not gaming about my 'feelings' toward her..

    I let her know I really felt a connection basically..I wish I could gather upon what she thought about it though...anything ya'll?

  • I think you did good. Just give her some time to gather her thoughts. We need that at times. Just be proud of yourself for putting it out there, and doing something. Now you never have to guess or wonder "What could have been".

    Just be prepared, and patience.

  • PassionateScorp

    I didnt forget about you! Just post your story on here in a new thread and I will read it (no matter how long) and get back to you.

  • okay, here it goes I dated a Taurus Man for well over a year we were inseparable we couldn't stand each other at first but there was an undeniable connection there I guess, we had both decided that we would start as " friends with benefits" but that quickly turned in to him wanting more he asked me to basically be his GF and instead of telling him that we had just got out of bad relationships and wanted to take things a little slower this time I froze and just stated, naww I think we should just continue to do what were doing, after that alot changed he started ignoring me more diappearing on me and just shutting me out, which I didnt understand at the time so I would try and get him to talk about his feeling ( which was hard) long story short I gave him his time and he came around by this time I had allowed him to meet my family and my children which I DO NOT DO..he has 2 girls himself which is ex took from him over nand over again and moved back to Hawaii he was devasted and very sad, he would be very upfront with me about speaking with her, long story short I believe they started talking about her coming back, he told me that she told him that she would stay in Hawaii if he didnt stip talking to me, he said that he would do anything for his kids but he felt that I was the love of his life and wanted to stay with me...after months went by he became distant yet again I knew that the time was coming for his childrent to come home, I had a horrible feeling that he was being distant because he knew that he was going to leave me alone ..well she came back and he did just that he left me with no explaination never broke it off with me just did his thing he was still communicating with me and sleeping together but I now felt like the "other woman" I would ask him like is she living with you? do you love her? if thats what you want just be real with me and I will go about my business..even though it would hurt like hell, but he would ensure me that he loved me and that he was doing this for the sake of his children he didnt want her to pick up and leave again with them. I tried to be understanding but I felt that that is what the court system is for if you feel someone is blackmailing you to stay with them. so timed passed and I just decided I couldnt be on this emotional rollercoaster ride anymore so I stopped talking to him, after 3 weeks he would call and I just ignored his calls I found out later that he had got in contact with mutual friends of ours and had asked was I going to be going to a mutual friends birthday party they told him yes I was much to my surprise I walk into the party and there he is, I didnt want to be rude so I went directly to him and said hello and just gave him a huge hug, he wouldnt let me go and started smelling told him could he watch my purse while i use the I walk into the bathroom my phone rings..I come out and he meets me at the door angry and started asking me all these questions like who are you on the phone with and are you talking to who is now his x bestfriend..I was confused...he was yelling and screaming at me which he has never done, he walks out confronts his friend and started a fight..he said that we both went into the bathroom at the same time and he thought we were secretly talking to each other behind his back..after the fight his bestfriend was so upset and blurted out I dont know why he is tripping over you he just told me he got married...and it was like time stopped...I left from the party in shock ..the next morning he was blowing my phone up leaving me messages about how sorry he was and that he needed to talk to I finally answered I didnt tell him I knew about the marriage instead he asked could we talk in person and I agreed..we met at a park and I just came out and said it are you married??? he put his head down and shook his head he couldnt even look me in my eyes..all he said was it was the biggest mistake of his life he said she kept telling him that if he didnt marry her she would go back to Hawaii...smh..instead of dealing with my anger and emotions on how hurt I was I just simple brushed it off and comforted him he started crying and I felt bad for him. now here we are 7 months later and I think I hate him..I finally dealt with my feelings and I'm beyond hurt....I feel played like a damn fool.. he dosent respond well to me trying to talk to him about my feelings he gets soooo defensive.. he always thinks I'm over re acting, now the now wife is fully aware of me has blown my phone up and texted me about here husband and admitting to me that she knows he loves me but he aint going nowhere..I just want out... to much drama...I need to know do I just ignore him or do I try to ket him know I can t be his friend even though thats what we agreed to???? sorry so long...

  • Wow…

    That is some story…almost ripped right off of Days of our lives or my favorite Soap Opera Passions. Defiantly some Teressa and Ethan going on (just ignore if you’ve never seen it).

    Well first off…I will say that I’m sorry that he hurt you. Your relationship sounds so tumultuous and a bit unhealthy but not in the sense that he’s hurting you on purpose but he just can commit to you full in the way that you need and deserve him too.

    I know from a Taurus point of view to be torn between someone you love, and your children have got to be hard. Family comes first for us before ANYTHING. So please try to understand that. So in a sense you will never win as long as his “Wife” holds his kids over his head the way that she does. However…I can almost GUARENTEE that his being a Taurus he has some kind of plan in the works…And in the end he will have his Kids and his wife will be left in the dust. That’s just how we operate tho…very in the shadows and we are so patient.

    But I digress.

    You want to know how to get him to see that you just want to be left alone. I think the best avenue for doing this is to just write him a letter and get out ALL your emotions. Tell him exactly how you feel. Make your demands, and tell him not to contact you until either he’s met those demands.

    You really do hold all the power in this situation. I think more than you actually know. This guy seems to be crazy about you. He fought his best friend over you, and he’s married…that fact alone should speak volumes.

    And his “marriage” won’t last…we Taurus are faithful lovers but I can almost guarantee that he’s going to leave her eventually, kids or not. Once kids get to a certain age they start to see certain things, its going to be easy for him to leave then because the kids will see how evil their mother is, or they might be at the age to where they can ask to live with him instead of their mom.

    I just don’t understand why he doesn’t take his kids and file for sole custody behind the girls back? That’s not hard to do and most states will then put the kids in the system and grants his partial custody of the children. She won’t be able to just move to Hawaii without his consent because then that will be conserved kidnapping in a sense. He has a right to see those kids just as much as she does. She can’t hold that over his head. And what REAL WOMAN would?? You’re proud that your husband is only with you for the kids? So what happens years from now when the kids get older and leave? It’s like that old saying goes “You can’t keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept”.

    So If I was you, I think the best way to handle your situation is to write him a letter and let him know how you feel. Be stern, and don’t hold anything back. Tell him exactly how you feel if you don’t want him to be in your life then let it be known. We Taurus are determined, and steadfast, and above all we have patience, but if he knows that your done then he will move on.

    I would also do some research and send him a list of a good divorce lawyer, and tell him to speak to her about the custody of his kids, because if he TRULY wants to be in there life and not have to worry about their mom running off with them.

    HELL!!! If it was me and MY KIDS, and I was going through something with my Baby Mom, I would set her up. Call the cops and have her have some drugs in her possession and then take the kids and run…Fight fire with fire…But that’s just me.

  • thank you so much for listening and giving your honest advice...I have to be honest and tell you that I love him, but I cant wait forever.... and he isn't showing me any signs of making any type of move..I'm at a point were I just sit back and watch I dont call or text.but then he'll come out the blue with a quick phone call or text I have come to the conclusion that he isnt a very good friend anyway I cant call him at certain times he told me she keeps tabs on him he cant even hang out with his friends because she says they know me and she dosent want him associating with anyone we both know..and he allows it until they get in a bad fight then he rebels and guess whos the first person he calls??? this chick right here...and i cant blame anyone but myself for allowing it..just like you said you teach people how to treat you and I've been rolling with the punches when I know damn well that it's not okay with me, when I blow up on him he just shuts down when I talk face to face he listens and responds with great answers but as soon as he lives me he has that out of sight out of mind mentality...we have had plenty of conversations about where we stand and he always just looks at me with all the love in his eyes and he can never answer, he just seems so stuck...unable to make any decision.. but he will tell me in the quickness that he dosen't want to lose me even if we have to be friends. I guess I'm just trying to figure out do I wait?? I also have another dilima as well not only do I have this Taurus man I have the father of my children ( who is also a Taurus May 8th) wanting to reconcile the difference is when all this drama was going down my daughters father was the only one there..well my mother has come along way ..he's such a great father and person just stubborn as hell.. but we also have been hanging out with me and him also dating other people but he makes it a point to let me know that he loves me and wants us to start a relationship with me he wants us to be a family and I can also feel the LOVE he has for me he really wont settle down with anyone else either until he knows what I'm doing. I feel in my heart it will be different with him this time due to us being apart for almost 2 years and him taking care of business and still chasing me. but I dont allow my heart to open all the way up to him because of the other Taurus and that isn't fair I feel like I'm in a triangle. I'm scared to let go of my April 24th taurus because I'm always thinking " what if" and my May 8th Taurus right there right in front of me ready and willing to be there whole-heartly but he is on the verge of leaving because he is all in and wants to share his life with someone if I dont make my mind up....your right Confusing Cancer it feels like a

  • You know it's always envision yourself with somebody special..well those of us who ardently believe there is someone out there just meant for look in the most meticulous of places..discos, parties, event-venues..just everywhere - that's what I did - surprising enough these are places where although you will find people of's often hard to discern what they're truly like due to the image they portray when in these places..(you know..the way they dress, talk, carry themselves..). However a lot of us fail to look in the most obvious of places..actually we overlook it..because society has it that what's easily found is easily lost..but I'm not so sure about that right now..Because..If I'd just looked to my left each time I lined up for high-school-assembly..a little more widely at the unnoticed, maybe smaller -appealing people (for a senior high-scholar)..

    I would've seen the most beautiful thing I've ever beheld..

    *I have no mixed feelings about it..I like her..wanna know her..I'll call her Taurus..the Beautiful-Bull..stubborn & sexy..childish as the Taurus-sign demeans a person reflecting age 7-14 as they say..discovering what life holds as if always for the first time..

    I just hope she doesn't move on...takes so much time to feel secure to deliver yourself to another. I guess that's why we all find someone we never thought would even pitch to us............................find your love.

    I wonder where mine is. I don't care who she's with..

    CC: Do you think it's crazy to be consumed with a person?..I'm just so regretful about not being aggressive toward her. She could be with anyone right now..who knows?'s mind-boggling..I'm not really feeling bad about it..but I wanna know where she is..what she's doing..

    I don't want anyone to take her away..and my gut-feeling's telling me she's been bought..

    If so...what if I was still up to pick up this would I go about do I flip it back into my hand?..(still hasn't faith lost..just..semi-guessing her state of mind on me is all..)


  • . Close to breaking away and just walking away from everything.

  • Sup CrazyCap..thanks 4 tha directed toward my situation..

    "Close to breaking away and just walking away from everything"...?

    Much respect,


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