Scammed?? Help

  • I had been interacting via email with a gentlemen who is a Libra and thought things were going well. He told me he traveled alot and was living about 2 hours from me. We had not gotten the chance to meet before he went on this business trip that was only supposed to last a week. He told me he bought heavy equupment, like loaders and tractors and sold them to companies in the United States. He emailed me all these official documents and the flight that had his information from where he was to back here. This for some reason did not sit well with me as it felt like he was being too eager to share this with me. I have no clue on the papers he had sent me as they look official but at the same time not knowing really what I am looking at.

    To make a long story short this past weekend I got the dreaded email that he was having trouble in customs because they were asking him to pay a fee he had not been informed about and had only 2,500.00 on him and the charge was 3,500.00 and had no one else to help him. He wanted me to send him the money with promises of doubling the money I leant him once he sold the equipment he had bought.

    I did not respond right away as at this point my heart was pounding with fear and I was truly so angry I could not see straight. He sent me another email the day after surprised that I had not responded to his email. This made me shoot back him with : well , let me say this , what you are asking has all the earmarks of a phishing scam and if you are truly in trouble contact the company you do consulting for, Quinn, I am sure even though you are just consulting they would be happy to advance you the cash. I am sure God will forgive me if you are truly in trouble and if you are good luck getting back home.

    After not getting any response back I sent him an email ( truly expecting it to come back as not deliverable) which was scathing and got a reply of, I pray u find love cus am sure u will die lonely if u don't change the person u are. I will not say how I responded to that, but I have closed out that email account.

    Tell me my instincts were right, what or does anyone have any insight to this or is it just what it was, a scam. OH and I never sent him the money.

  • OH and why do I attract all the men that are just so emotionally clingy and move way too fast?

  • You don't attract men who are emotionally clingy. You attract men who are charismatic and intuitive. This simply means they can sense your compassionate, nurturing and giving nature...and they're figuring out how it's going to work in their favor. Even, if it's to the point of guilt-tripping you.

    They move fast because they need to keep you distracted. So you would NEVER see what their true intentions are. Give you the idea of worldwind romance, an idea of what it would be like with just the two of you, he really does have ambition, but he's in a bit of a jam right now...yeah right! A man who travels a lot on business has travellers checks, credit cards or business checks. He's NOT going to accept money for a personal equipment that he's not going to be able to write off. LOL. Yeah right. Every legitimate business has a profit/loss, itemizations and business expenses that gets reported to their CPA quarterly or annually.

    CancerGirlfrom the heart....

    He has a business alright....sounds more like pharmaceuticals. 🙂 Well it's more of an ebonics term for you-know-what!...wink.wink!

    You did the right thing by not sending him any money!

    Good for you!

  • Thank you, TaurusFemmeFetal,

    LOL , that was the first thing I thought of when I read that he traveled, sorry to be so suspicious and I was picking up those vibes that this was too much too soon. Those traits are hard for me to hide and I am not sure what to do with it --it is a big part of who I am. This is proving to be hard as I am not desperately needy or just totally lost in the fact I need to be with someone, part of me is disappointed. There is something totally alarming to me when any man says he loves you after the 2nd email, 2nd phone call or 2nd date.....

    Understand I am not bitter, I know what it sounds like.... just not willing to be vulnerable and all weak just because you say you love me. Wrong attitude, maybe , but I have kids and a lives to protect and they mean more to me than any Prince Alarming I may meet.

    Ladies out there please be careful!!!!

    Thanks again TaurusFemmeFetale

  • Hi Cancer girl,

    I had a couple of people try to scam me like that too. Not exactly with that story but similar. Your instincts were right, always trust your intuition, it is never wrong...A guy that tells you he loves you without knowing you and having met you is obviously hiding something. That is just not real and you should run as fast as possible. It truly takes a really long time to know somebody...When this guy tried to scam me like that I just said "shame on you trying to pull that on me". He said "God bless you for being smart and finding out before I could harm you" Can you believe the nerve?

  • Omg Mardepp... I am so sorry, glad you picked up on it too. He was a "God fearing man" as well, and good for you if you have a strong religious belief, I sent him a nasty email and told him that it was sad that people like him prey on these woman who are already heartbroken and trying to support families with little or no help. He had the nerve to say pretty much I need to change who I was. So, yes they are pretty brazen. I then told him I had hoped God would give wisdom and strength to the woman he has hooked on the line to see him for what he truly is. He played the widow card and the child card and it just makes me sick to think that people will go to such lengths. His wife is probably living with their son in the place where he said he was on a business trip to. Anyways, time to move on.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day

  • Ha ha, this one played the widow card too and the business trip things too. I didn't buy it...

    You have a lovely day too!

  • Why does that not surprise me?? The entire thing was just really iffy and I just had to play it out. I know I was gambling and it could have been a really devastating outcome,lol, but I have since reread my profile I had posted and it had a few huge targets in it. I am taking a break from the website for awhile anyways.

    I just hate the fact that there are other who will fall for this ---anyways, glad we managed relatively unscathed and a bit wiser 🙂

    Have a good one mardepp

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