Heaven #4146 Sing the Song That Is Yours to S

  • a message from God channeled by Gloria Wendroff

    Even when you feel that you hold life by the reins, you are floating. Life is like riding a raft. You can even tie up the raft on shore, and still it can slip away into the sea, and somehow take you with it. Life will always take you with it. One way or another, you have to go along with it. You can take it in your stride, or you can drag your feet. Regardless, life will pick you up and take you with it.

    You may create life as it happens, and yet you are not the captain of it. That you are in charge, the way a captain or general is in charge, is an illusion like any other.

    What you do is live life. What happens, happens whether you consciously invite it or not. What you do now, this you have a say about. In effect, you paddle your own canoe wherever it takes you. You are not helpless, however. You ride downstream, and it is the ride of your life. Or you ride upstream. Or you bobble around in life, and life is the bobble of your life. You do bobble on the surface. This is life. And yet life is a big blooming amaryllis. Life grows. Let life grow on you.

    As much as you might like life to be cast in stone under certain considerations, life is not cast in stone. It is a moveable object, a course that wends its way. Life is moving on at the very minute We speak of it or don't speak of it. Life is a live vibrant experience. It is for human beings to behold and uphold life as it appears. It is necessary to bend your knee to life even as you are the fulcrum of your life.

    We can say that you pull the cart of life, and yet you cannot quite push it. You can try, of course. You have tried. You have tried to bend life to your will. Remind yourself that life is life and that's all it is, and life is not everything. Welcome life, and know that life is not your puppet. Nor are you life's puppet. You may have to go where life takes you. How you follow life is your call. In that sense, you do have eminent domain over your life.

    You can follow the path of your life with a hop, skip, or jump. You can dance to it. You can try to chain life to your will. You can hobble along. You can mosey along. In any case, you do have to go along with it. Life is more than you may think at the same time, you make too much of it. Consider life a song you hear and sing it! Sometimes the tunes are what you love. And sometimes the tunes are what you don't love. In either case, you have to sing the song that is yours to sing until the juke box changes.

    Of course, you have to go along with life. Do not mix up moving forward with making life obey. Life may put you in one spot, and tomorrow in another. Life really does have a life of its own, and you go right along with it.

    You are not a puppet nor are you a pawn. Nevertheless, you do have to follow life. Life will let you know when you can go left, and when you can go right, and, still, you can love life for itself. Why not love life, this novel you read. Certainly, you can rest your eyes a while, and yet life moves on and takes you with it.

    Life is meant to be a growing experience. It is not for you to point out wrong turns that you perceive life has taken. Life means to make good turns for you. Rise above the

    terminology of the world and give better names to what transpires in life. Give yourself new names as well. Give a good turn to life.

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