Update PLEASE - Important lawyer meeting this week....

  • Thank you to all who help us in our time of need.

    I am in need of a read of the current situation and path. Perhaps to warn me from this or that as well. I have a big meeting this week at my lawyer's with STBE (soon to be ex). He has returned from Afghanistan and we need to negotiate alimony, etc. He is acting like the cat that ate the canary, sneaking around opening PO Boxes etc. I am so tired of the games but we have a house to sell before we can actually part ways. We still have to live together until it sells as well. Will the house sell this year? What do I need to be careful of? Will I be financially better off? I need to know that he will not try to introduce his concubine friend to our family. I am still heartbroken over the betrayal. What else do I need to know?

    Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!!!


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