Love Readings Only, Please

  • I am Lavender Angel, new to the forum, but I wanted to come and offer my services as a Reader to the community. You can find out more about me at

    I would like to dedicated this thread to love readings only. Please post questions relating to relationships, and allow me a few days. I love helping people via Angel readings, and want to help others find that special someone in hopes it will improve my good Karma as well. You give what you get. So take me up on this offer, and let's get everyone settled into a loving, caring, universe-approved relationship.

  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    Thanks for the offer! thats very nice of you! if you have time, I would like a reading from you. i have been with my bf for more than 3 months. we have already had lots of ups and downs. At this point, I am not sure if I should stay in this relationship or not.. What you think? How will our future be like? Do you see if he's the one for me?

    Thank you!

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  • Thanks Lavender Angel,

    I have been with my b/f for 3 years. He has asked me to marry him. At the beginning of our relationship, he said we were exclusive, but he cheated on me. He says that will never happen again. I want to believe that, but I do wonder. Any light you can shed will be so appreciated. Thanks for the offer!

  • Hello Lavender Angel,

    I am not sure what to ask, we are both committed but I am not sure why I feel so connected with him even he is million miles away.

    I am Sagittarius, i met a MALE Gemini Friend back in September, and we really hit it off. We became friends for only 1 month, then he moved back home. We admitted that we a strong bond or connection and really attracted to each other... so despite of our circumstances and the long distance, we continue to communicate through emails. He prefers emails as he is good at it, and the circumstances we both have is not really agreeing.. It was a roller coaster, as there are somedays I find myself waiting for his emails. At first he was in close contact, I will find 7 emails sitting in my inbox..I got used to it so I became closer to him and find myself emailing every other day or now and then. I find our communication is getting lesser, and realized that he always come out with different reasons why he couldnt respond right away. Since we are friends, I never told him how I feel for not writing back, because it is not his obligation to write me, i feel that I have no right or it is not right to demand for his attention.. I find him so confusing, giving me mixed signal so I feel tired with the mind games. I kept my feet in the ground and tried to get my head straight to not be involve romantically as there were times, I was being sweet as a friend, then I will find him distant he will tell me" Is the planet misalign or switching"? He never took advantage of our friendship, although I think he Knows how I feel for him. He is a big flirt but I know he does not harm or does not mean what he say. He always tease me that I am **** and attractive but I never paid attention with it, as he told me he just want to be friends as we are both committed.

    One day, he told me he need to close his personal email due to his gf found out our emails, our emails is plainly platonic, (so I am not really worried about it). I thought that will be the end, I planned of not writing him, but then I received an email (please keep writing to my AKO email, as you are the only positive things in my life, I need you to push me in the right direction.. etc) So I continued to write. He never failed to respond but it will take 4-5 days to respond. what kills me is the waiting part. I dont mind the waiting sometimes as I understand people are busy, but when he answered he always leave a question and phrase "hope to hear from you soon." but then when I respond it will take a week or 4 days for him to reply., then the longest was 2 weeks.

    I lost my patience because the last email I received from him was long asking questions about starting a blog and so I spent time writing my thoughts, but then I did not hear anything from him in 2 weeks. So I sent him a goodbye letter, that this is it,( i closed my yahoo, fb, and skype).. I never thought he will reply as I thought he already disappeared, but the next day he responded with my goodbye email and this is what he said:

    This is in response to the message you sent on Yahoo and apparently have already closed the account. You are probably correct that we have been saying good bye for some time. Not really by choice but my circumstances are making it difficult to check and reply to messages and frankly the mess that is my personal life right now is putting too much stress on you and on our friendship. Thanks for making the effort to say goodbye, like you I sometimes run and hide versus face a situation. I will honor your request and not write to you HOWEVER I will also say that I can always be reached through this account. If you should ever need me again, no matter when or for whatever reason you can always get a hold of me here and while I may not get the message immediately I will eventually reply. You are a wonderful person and I wish things were different between us. But I agree with your assessment of what is needed right now. While I will miss you I am content to remember what we shared and to remember you as the sweet person you are.

    A friend always,


    (p.s. If at all possible let me know you got this so I can at least feel we closed out correctly. )

    it melted my heart again.. I mean why not just stop right? why not just completely ignore my email? he tell me to keep writing and yet he doesnt response anyways..

    I couldn't help myself to respond to his last email, I feel that to bring my sanity back, I need to email him back, so this is what I said.

    "You never stress me with your problems/issues and to be honest, I prefer hearing it. No matter how much you made me feel appreciated, I feel that things are slowly disconnecting and to be honest, I should have get the message, and finally, I did..... Whatever reasons you have, I completely understand... I know people change, priorities, careers, personal life, and (who knows an old friend came back).. I am just kidding. 😉 .. People just come and go, and I am used to it... Thank you for the effort of writing me back. I hope that this is the kind of closed out you need, I hope you feel better. So Goodbye, I wish you all the best... :-)"

    I dont mean to say Goodbye, but I feel like one part of me is stucked... .. I feel like if I continue to write, things will just be hurtful in the end... I love him but even though I want to continue to stay in touch with him, i know the circumstances is not right for both of us, so I have to let go... . I will admit I miss his sweet emails though, evem talking to him in skype.. But not sure what to do... We are just friends, but I do have a feelings for him.. and it is really hard to fight for it.

    I am not sure if I will hear from him again. But I do miss him. His feelings is always a puzzle to me, I am not sure if he did feel the same for me. Should I just let him go? What is the future for us, if we continue to communicate?

  • Hello Lavander Angel

    Thank you on your offer to us, very kind 🙂

    I am wondering if you could do a reading for me on will I meet some man soon who might be the special someone for me to be in a relationship with. When might this man come to me?

    ( I am a pisces if you need the info)

    Thank you again

  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    I would love to know if there will be a successful loving relationship for me in the near future?

    Thank you

    Elaine DOB 01/18/83

  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    May I add my name to the list pls. Not currently in relationship, in healing process. not activbely looking for relationship either yet.



  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    I'd like to take you up on your offer for a relationship reading if you have time. My DOB is 11/26/62.

    Thanks so much,


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  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    Hope you can do one for me. Fell in love with someone I briefly dated last year. Just as things were going good, he distanced himself. I'm still trying to move on. He was that Special to me. Just want to know what you see and if I will find the real one I'm supposed to be with. Thanks!

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  • Hi Lavender Angel, I would appreciate a reading from you on my current situation. Someone that I adored recently broke things off with me and it's killing me inside, but I can't read the way he is really feeling inside about the whole situation. I feel like I want to tell him how I feel, but I don't want to make him mad. And then, there is an ex that is torn apart by our break up. I'm just so confused. Thanks, this is really appreciated.

  • Hi Lavender Angel

    Will I ever meet the man that I was shown in my dream? I' m not kidding, it was a specific vision where I was shown the shirt he was wearing and was told I would be in "contract with him for 20 yrs." The face was blocked, so I don't know what he looks like. My spirit guide was yelling at me so I would remember that dream and not forget it. I thought it was a nightmare and tried to forget it but I had a direct confirmation of the dream in the morning newspaper.The contract was for a marriage not a mortgage for a house which I thought it was about! That was 10 years ago and I have not seen that shirt worn by anybody, yet. Please advise, thank you

  • Hello Lavender Angel,

    What do you "see" for us? Male 10 years my senior, from my past, recent re-connect, living in different states, strong strong connection between us then and now. Soul-mate quality..... 🙂

    Light and love,


  • Lavender Angel,

    Thank You for your kind offer. Can you please shed some light on what T think and feels on me ? what are his intentions. I am very confused but love him.

    any kind of insight and advice that comes on this reading regarding my love life would be awesome. Light and love to you , U

  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    Thank you for your offer. I would like you to give me some insight about this man that i fell in love last year and he promised the world but we just are friends at the moment. should i still wait for him or move on? Thank you. Many blessings to you. Effie

  • Hi Lavender Angel,

    I would like your feelings about me ever meeting a romatic figure in my life. Just tired of being alone. I met someone about a month ago. Never to be seen again. I thought that maybe their was a spark. If you feel anything can you let me know. Thank you

  • Hi Lavender Angel, I'd like to ask the angels why I am so unlucky in love ? I am single for so many years and never have any love interests or opportunities to find love in my life 😞 I'm used to this loneliness and emptiness now. It just makes me sad though .. Thank you .

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