Things were so great and out of no where,Scorpio male just broke it off with me.

  • Just repeat over and over "I am worth more". I know it's hard, trust me, I've gone down so many bad paths over and over. But, at some point, you reach a spot where you are strong and confident in YOURSELF and can then let go of these jerks. Look at it this way, if he can't treat you right in the beginning (when he should be on his best behavior), how on earth will he be if you were committed? Just remind yourself of that every time you see him 🙂

  • He was playing a game and you weren't. Things like this happen, be aware. At some point, I would express that fact and let it be. You don't have to care what he thinks. On some level he'll respect the fact that you stood-up for yourself. Don't be this guys friend.

  • Thank you all for ur input. I am starting to get really irritated by this. he is playing a game. Now when i see him, i say hi and keep walking(because this is what he wanted) and i really dont think he even replies back because i really dont hang around for his response. But throughout the day, I catch him staring at me. I just don't understand how people can play with other peoples emotions! its so horrible, I couldn't do it.

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