Things were so great and out of no where,Scorpio male just broke it off with me.

  • hi, I started dating this scorpio man for 3 weeks, and he was so affectionate, telling me how much he liked me, that it was more than an infatuation and that he hoped this would last for a long time. So I started telling him that i really liked him and started to text him more often, after 3 weeks, he went into this mood, and than told me that this was getting to complicated, that it was stressing him out and it was too much for him right now. I told him that I understood, but i really like him. Do you think I freaked him out because I started showing more of my feelings? Do scorpios not like when the other person is showing more feelings?

  • Scorpio's are sensual men, and even though they think logically, they have the ability to be emotional. As a psychic, I am seeing that he has been hurt deeply by previous relationships, and we as women want things to move fast when we meet someone that we connect with because of the excitement. I do see that this was more than an infatuation, and both of you were expecting this to become long-term. Remember, if a man texts you, then you text him back, but always let him be the last one to send a text, e-mail, or phone call first. The Scorpio male has to feel that he is in control of the friendship. Yes, he did become afraid of the friendship moving too fast, and because of past hurtful relationships where he was let down, he froze, and backed off. Let him cool off, regroup, and see if you hear from him. Remember, if you like/love someone, let them go, if they return back to you, they are yours for the keeping, if not they were never meant to be with you. I will say some prayers for you and the Scorpio male that he can open up his heart and heal so he can allow himself a true friendship that can lead to love and romance. Light and Love, Lavender

  • I so feel for you. I just posted my own Scorpio story that almost exactly mirrors yours. All the gushy romance, the excitement and then poof like a lightswitch he turned off and last night he just dumped me via email.

    I think that Lavender's advice is sound. The truth is, the right person WILL step up to be with us. If (we) are turning ourselves inside out to try and "figure out" what is going on, ultimately it isn't healthy for us and sooner or later, we'd probably come to resent it.

    Trust's hard for me to even type those words because I so desperately want to email him and say " to me...don't let this go". But I know if I do, I will only hate myself.

    I hope your situation turns out for the best no matter the outcome!

  • Thank you so much for replying back, you just made me feel so much better. I will take your advice and see what happens next. The only thing is that we work together, so how do you think I should act towards him????? Should I play it cool? Should I still act as a friend the way i acted before we started dating??

  • To Alex1969, thanks for your post, it really sucks, I know, but you be strong. What exactly happened??? And let me know how everything turns out??

  • Well, you stay strong too! I'll keep you posted, and you keep me posted! I'm just curious since you said you work together, have you seen him yet? How is he acting?

    You know, I thought of something rather funny today, well, more ironic than funny. As I said in my own post, I've purged my demons. I spent nearly a decade after leaving my husband trying to fix me and getting myself into a state where I was truly ready for real love. One of those demons, actually two, are the relationships (or lack thereof) with both my father and step-father. My father cheated on my mother two years after they were married. He strung my mother along that he loved her and wanted her, but then opted for the other woman (her father was a big shot in the small community). She (his new wife) despised me because I signified the "real love" he had with my mother, and eventually, he "let me go". He let my mother take me, didn't ask for visitation (she always told him he could see me whenever he wanted)...he just walked away. In my 20's I re-connected with him. He was still with the wife, and he actually told me point blank that she gave him an ultimatum, that if I was to be in his life, she would leave him and take their 3 daughters. He told me he had no choice and chose them.

    My mother went on to marry another man. Older, but my mom desperately wanted a family and community. I don't begrudge her, and to a degree, I have the perseverance I do because she never gave up, she always fought to make things better no matter how terrible. So, I grew up in a very ethnic, patriarchal culture, and being a girl and not his blood (step-father) i was second best and always knew it. When my brother was born (whom I did and still do adore) he was the prince on the pedestal. Me, I was good for eventually getting married and having babies. My mother thankfully did everything she could to counter all that negativity and was always loving and supportive and thankfully, I did as an adult "move on". But, trust me, when I came to realize how both men shaped my low self esteem and my feeling of not being worthy, I knew that was the first thing I'd have to tackle.

    Now, the ironic part. BOTH men, are Scorpios. I kid you not, and to this day, my mother and I sometimes chuckle. My step-father used my mother for 30 years, she made him wealthy working in his business, then one day, he unceremoniously got a default divorce when she was out of state working at one of his businesses. My mother got nothing (he is a multi-millionaire), and now at 62, lives with me and has to rely on me for support which upsets her greatly (she feels she is the reason I cannot find love).

    That's not to say that all Scorpio's are jerks. I have a very close and dear male friend who is a Scorpio who is passionate and kind and the absolute greatest person ever. But, I'm curious if they have a bit of a cruel streak within them where they take their mind games and mental tests just a little too far?

    Oh, and to add to the little story above. After my epilepsy, i decided to forgive and forget with my biological father. I wrote him a letter, said I need nothing, I am successful and happy and proceeded to explain the epilepsy and how I'd like to just let bygones be bygones and just try to re-connect in a normal way. He wrote me back, and sent a letter or two, then on the third letter he wrote rather angrily that he wants to know WHAT I want. That the "family" is questioning why after so many years I chose to come back into his life. I have to tell you, I read that letter...then took a deep breath, tore it up, and haven't written since.

  • @Alex1969

    Wow, thats alot for one person to have been through, and it is crazy that they both are scorpios to go along with it. Im sorry you had to experience that but you are very brave to have come over it. I think it is best that you have not written him back since. So since you have a scorpio friend, what type of advice does he give you?? Well since he texted me breaking things off, I have not seen him at work yet, He texted me this monday, but i will keep you posted.

  • Yeah, it's been an experience to say the least (with all those Scorpio men in life hehe). I'm sorry he hasn't reached out, but you know, maybe just like I said about my situation, maybe he isn't worth it? A true man with character wouldn't behave so badly, and in a way, we are undermining ourselves by bending over backwards.

    Just to clear my head, I decided to read just to take my mind off of things and decided to go ahead and read "why men loves Bit*&#". You know, it's hilarious a lot of the advice is simple old school common sense, but reading it somehow gave me my power back. In the book, she says that when you are a "nice girl" you let him set the tone, test the boundaries, everything. You devalue yourself, and I recognized it immediately and realized "OMG, I haven't been being ME" Why on earth would I care to chase someone who thinks so little of me?

    You need to do what is right for you. In my case, just reminding myself who I am by reading that book, I now can say he's out of my system. We did go too fast way too soon, and now that I am looking at it objectively I just got caught up in the flurry of the romance instead of being objective and setting the pace by slowing things down. I honestly could care less what he thinks of me, and am glad I found out sooner rather than later. Good luck!!!

  • lol, you are so right. And omg, i have that book and love it.

  • Have you read the second book? I have that one too, but only today I started reading the first one and like I was a lightbulb moment for me. I would never (before) have stooped to let a man treat me so badly, and for me to apologize to him? LOL

  • By the way, you had asked me about my Scorpio male friend. I actually met him six years ago at work. He was a consultant in for a short term project and we met while outside smoking a cigarette. The chemistry was off the charts and I broke my own rule of "never dating at work" (knowing of course, he was only there for a week). I jumped in headlong with him and it was great. He was kind and passionate and totally honest with me. He wasn't looking for a serious relationship, but at the time, neither was I and I took the chance and didn't regret it. We remained great friends. His response when I tell him some of this stuff is that "he isn't a real man". He says if you can't own who you are and be honest then you are already starting from a bad position that will only hurt the person. He feels my guy's behavior was deplorable and that there is no excuse for what he did (and in turn what your guy did). If anything, he is my rock where whenever we talk he asks if I'm still gorgeous as ever...he reminds me real men see the REAL us and think we are irresistible!

  • Lol, no I have not read the second book, Im gonna have to go buy it. But yea, reading just gives back all that strong women power you know. And as for your friend, he is a complete keeper, he makes scorpios look good lol. Well my scorpio guy texted me today saying that he was sorry for the way he came at me, that i didnt deserve it, its just that hes been going through some things and that he just wanted to apologize, and that Im crazy for dealing with it. I just excepted his apology but that was all. nothing more. what do you think about that???

  • Well, because you seem like such a good person, I am going to be honest with you. His response is almost verbatim what my guy told me. In truth, that response is a way at hinting that he's still "thinking" and in a way, he is controlling the pace (again) by sort of giving you hope, so that while he works it out, he still has you. So, my question to you (because this is when I came to my senses)...Do you really want to sit and wait for someone to decide whether you are worthy? My mom says to me daily that while the rules may have changed, one thing hasn't...if he likes you, he makes an effort. If he feels he can keep you hanging, then he's NOT a man of quality.

    Now, I don't say that he is doing this intentionally to be cruel. But go back to that book, what she says makes sense. We send signals about how much we will tolerate. If we (through our actions) imply that we will take whatever they give us, they will give us less and less. For me, that just won't do because while I don't want to play games, I also will not give somebody something they do not deserve.

    For what it's worth, I am 43, and have been single for 17 years. I've been lonely, yes...and at times I feel down...but what kicks in for me always is my pride, which has always been fierce. I refuse to be treated badly. So, while my pride may leave me lonely at times..I know that eventually the right person with the right moral character will step up and treat me well, and in return, earn that same good treatment from me. Don't give it all away until it's deserved. Not all men are bad, not all Scorpios are bad...we just have to remain optimistic and trust that for every bad apple, there are a few good ones in the bunch!

  • No, I am not going to sit around and wait, yes, I think of him all the time, but if he's doing this so early, I can only imagine what he will do later. I really don't have anyone to talk to about all this so it really helps that Im talking through this with you. What sign are u by the way??

  • I'm a Libra (October 21st). I'm glad that talking about it helps, you helped me, too...and I'm more than happy to talk about anything. I know it's hard...especially when we are into the guy. But..don't sell yourself short. I woke up today re-energized. I went to work and was smiling, laughing, talking with co-workers. I just felt good. When I left the office, I was standing by the parking garage elevator, and i kid you not..this man came out of the building, and as he's walking towards me, he's looking right at me, almost in a fog of sorts and when he passed, I smiled, and he just kept "looking" (not in an eww..perv way...just an "I'm mesmerized way")..and I'm not a beauty queen, trust me...and I just laughed to myself thinking "it's true..if you feel it, you become it!" Even though my hair was in its natural state (very wavy, kinda frizzy..I normally straighten it) I got up, fluffed it up a little..put a little makeup on..but my biggest accessory was my smile 😉

    We deserve a man who thinks we are as beautiful as we know we are, and who respects us enough to treat us well. Not leave us hanging or who will behave badly. We want REAL men. So, stay strong. Trust me...the things I've lived through, i should be crazy..but instead, I'm stronger and better. Don't let one loser (sorry, being blunt) break you down, ok? And if you need to talk, you keep writing..I do NOT mind at all!

  • Lol, you just keep making me feel more and more better each time. Im going to use that smile for my best eccessory, especially when I go to work so he see's that he didn't bring me down. Well i am really happy your being strong, keep it up. I think your making me stronger each time I read these messages. I think you feel good, cuz you know that you didn't end up with this jerk of a guy.

  • Well, I'm glad that my words are helping. It's not easy, trust me. I have days where I feel like the most unlovable woman in the world, but you know, when I reflect that, of course that's what I'm going to get back! He is NOT worth it, just keep telling yourself "I deserve better"...and be patient. Just because we feel we deserve something (a good guy, a raise, etc.) doesn't mean we won't get it, but we have to patient enough to wait. When the time is right, we WILL get it. I'm 43 and I refuse to lose optimism. I will keep trying, keep being myself, and if some smart guy finally gets it, it will be HIS lucky day. And yes, I do feel good because I didn't end up with him. I adored my ex-husband...he was truly what I thought my "soul mate" but when he began drinking, not facing the issues and ultimately hitting me...I knew that sooner or later it would end badly and I did deserve better. I walked away and never looked back. Even now I sometimes wonder "what if" because I did love him...but imagine if I'd kept using the same excuses and stayed? I'd be yet another statistic!! So, while my story was a bit extreme..think of that, when in the beginning a man's behavior isn't perfect. If at the very start he cannot be on his best behavior and is already taking you for granted, what's he going to be like down the road? 10 times worse!!

    And I definitely agree with the advice to take it slow. I'm terrible at this and get caught up, and now I realize that every relationship ended because it sparked so fast, I gave them too much, then they vanished. Take your new tactic (and by the way, I already have 3 dates lined up) is telling the man "I have an opening in my schedule, would you like to meet (place) for a quick drink? I have to make an early night of it, but we can at least get a chance to meet." Every one of them replies "oh yes...whenever...wherever!!" and I plan to after that first date NOT immediately say I'm available..again...I now realize I want to get to know them, and them me. So, take it slow (my two cents).

    ..and again, I repeat...YOU deserve FAR better. Your heart may be hurting, but walk tall, smile at absolutely everybody you see, and trust me, you'll start to feel better and realize how good you really are 🙂

  • So have you gone on any of your dates yet? hopefully none of them are scorpios, lol. Yeah, my heart still hurts, but im trying. well today I finally worked with him and when he walked in, I didn't say hi or anything, I just looked away. Later, he came out of his way to come say to me, How come i cant say hi to him? And if I was going to ignore him? I said, yeah, i can say hi, hi. But my anger got the best of me and then I said, Why would you want me too? He said, oh, I see how it is then. And I just walked away. See, I just don't get it. Why would he even care if i say anything too him?

  • He's doing that to confirm that he's still "got you". You need to play it cooler with him. If you do see him, smile and say hello. Pretend like he doesn't matter and that there was never anything between you. What he was doing by asking you, is to see if you were still in the game with him. I can tell you with 100% do NOT want him, trust me! He's a player, nothing more.

    As for me, I'm taking it a day at a time (I never heard from my Scorp, good riddance). I did go on one date last night. Had a nice time. No physical sparks, but he's a nice guy..and I was shocked that he was a great kisser hehe Still debating whether I want to see him again 🙂

  • lol, thats good. keep me posted with ur other dates as well. Im really trying, really really tryign, but its so hard, I dont even know why.

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