11-card celtic cross interpretation request

  • The tiny book that came with my tarot deck describes an 11 card celtic cross layout, but I've been having trouble finding more about the positions online (the 10-card variant seems far more common). As the book gives only a brief description of each card I thought I'd throw it open here and ask if anyone had time and would be willing to interpret it for me. Cards are listed in the order which they were dealt, with the notes indicating the positions the little book said they should occupy.

    (Querant) Judgement

    (Present State, covering querant) Death

    (Forces in opposition, cross querant/current state) Queen of Pentacles

    (Future): 2 of wands

    (Past): King of Pentacles

    (Recent Past) Ten of cups

    (Recent Future) The Empress

    (Fears/anxieties) High Priestess reversed, Page of wands reversed, Three of cups reversed

    (Capstone) Four of cups

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