OG Am I doing something wrong? 1/16/81

  • These past 2-3 weeks have been busy. Funeral, papa and aunt in hospital,church events, family & friends inviting me places ....even those who never call and a old flame I was re-conscted with thanks to another one of my aunths.... Some reason I feel overwelmed with others drama & and constant phone ringing but I still try to be a listening ear but it to much! FRIEND A 10/25 (31) Loyal trust worthy loving but talks more about daily life drama,than positive ,time controlling . OLD FRIEND H :Sag. 12 /2or3(34) is this a chance to rekenhdle and make work or only a chance to get closeure and walk away before getting hopeful. He show up around the month a psychic mentioned March ,would not feel like a stranger but he does not have blue eyes and not a water sign...the same one who walked away with no explination. Me as a person I want to be , feel , look,walk and talk,feel, better !

  • Sorrh for the ertor , its hard as heck typing all this on a cell!

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