Captain Im in need of guidance

  • I feel so tired of living the same life that i live and i feel that each and every day is feeling like the same old boring day over and over again and i feel stuck in my life feel like my life is on repeat in a bad way, and i want it to change really badly. I want caring friends in my life i want a relationship with a guy,i want a change of scenery, i want to do better in my life for myself. Any advice or will it get better for me?

  • Well if what you are currently doing is not working, then change it. Change doesn't happen by itself. You have to start by revising your attitude and approach to life. Get active, not passive. Don't sit around hoping for your dreams to manifest out of thin air - take steps to get what you want.

    What can you do about a change of scenery - is moving a realistic option? Or would just mixing with different people and going to different social hang-outs work just as well?

    Write down what you see as your strengths and weaknesses and anything that you feel is stopping you from doing and being what you want. Then work out a practical way to achieve your goals.

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