Captain. help please

  • My Cancer Fiance are currently broken up. We have a long distance relationship but planned to be together permanently. I want to know if this is worth pursuing. Will he return full force again and will we have a real chance? So many difficulties rocked us apart, some external. I believe he is hurting a lot and so am I. Should I try to forget him? or is it going to all start up once again? me: July 19 1982 12:15pm England. Him June 27 1982 1:50 pm SC. Thank you so much.

  • The relationship's greatest challenge is to keep itself on an even keel, something that would require both your greatest stubbornness and determination to succeed. Your mood swings Lady can combine with your partner's sensitivity to produce some emotional instability and you both have to strive to gain control over feelings without unduly supressing them. When threatened, both of you can tend to withdraw or shut down - but here you must strive for emotional expression, openness, and acceptance instead if you want happiness and harmony. You Lady can be rather hard to reach but if your partner has a healthier outlook, he can use his empathic ability and psychological skills to unblock you. However if it is he who is withdrawn or depressed, you must be sensitive enough to know when to leave him alone and when to urge him gently towards more pleasurable activities.

    Your love affair will emphasize sensuousness and physical pleasure. Saunas, massages, aromatherapy, and other enjoyable activities are recommended, as well as summer vacations at spas or near lakes and rivers. In other words, you need to be physically together to enjoy the best of this relationship. Apart it's too easy to withdraw into your shells for comfort and sanctuary and maybe not come out again - at least with each other. Complex emotional states can arise here, but sheer will and guts, along with patience and understanding, may help this affair to work out. Any tendency to procrastinate over problems or to escape through denial or drift can ultimately be overcome and mastered here if you both have the urge and will to do so. However this will be very hard to do at a distance. Yet it can be worth the effort, for a marriage here could establish an enduring dynasty. The partnership would also benefit from your ability together to establish an enterprise and keep it running.

  • Thank you very much Captain. you have given me a lot to think about and a lot of what you said really resonates. Do you see him coming back to give it a chance? I have been trying to let go and so has he but we both find it difficult. We have managed a week without contact (our longest break ever) I'm wondering if he will approach me again or move on?

  • You might also ask yourself the same question: will you (and should you) be coming back to give the relationship a second chance? Why just leave it up to your partner?

  • What I mean is, do you feel you have the 'sheer will and guts, along with patience and understanding' to make this relationship work out for the long-term? If not, then it's best to walk away now rather than keep bashing your head against a brick wall.

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