To TheCaptian

  • Hi, you have been so generous to help me before and here i am agian with a question. The last time we spoke via this forum, you warned me to leave my current place of employment. You said the place was going down fast and if i didnt watch it they would try to take me down with it. Well, I tried to find other work but now no one is hiring ... I did get moved to another part of the dept and now am the manager ... but as you said it looked like everything was spiraling downward fast and the local media was even involved. They wanted me to be the spokesperson and I refused.. didnt want to be involved that way. Now, its eerily quiet and seems to all be calm and going well. Is this what you see or is it simply the calm before the storm. If so, please let me know what to do to protect myself or stay out of harms way. Thanks in advance!

  • You were right not to get involved as their spokesperson. Keep your head down and keep looking for another job.

  • i will keep trying. i am thinking of going back to school as my husband might be getting a second job - which will make up for my income. He has already been offered two part tme employments. Thanks again

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