Flashes of light around me - i need some insight!!

  • I keep seeing flashes of light around me. If I was to describe it I would say it reminds me of when sunlight reflects off of a diamond ring or earring. It's a quick flash of light but it's very small like a snow flake. It's just enough to grab your attention then it's gone. I see this all the time (more so lately)..but mostly in my home. Does anyone know what or who this is?

  • Mizgator

    It sounds like a reflection from a chime that may be coming from across the street from a front porch or your own. Check your porch or room that the light flashes from for reflectors.


  • It usually happens at Night Shuabby. And I'm on the 3rd floor of my building and i have no neighbors across from me. There are trees across from my apartment. I used to rationalize it as a reflection of light as well. However, last night I saw it in my bathroom. There are no windows in my bathroom. So I know it's not a reflection. I always try to debunk things when they happen and this I can't seem to debunk.

  • Oh and another thing...it's not usually reflected on the wall. It's actually never ON the wall. It's always in open space.

  • Hi! I used to see brilliant blue flashes of light just randomly - I finally just decided to take it as a sign I was on the right "path" for me - as I would usually see them about a foot or two in front of me. They stopped after awhile, but it was really beautiful and positive for me!

  • i've see them too

  • mizgator

    My mother had this happen to her and she was a gifted reader . She told me that these lights are either guardian angels or spirit of those that have passed on in your family. They stay with you for a reason, than leave.


  • thank you jilnaangel, pussycatskitten and Shaubby! It's always comforting not to feel crazy! Or at least to not be the only crazy one! lol. I don't feel threatened by it at all so I know it has to be positive. In fact I always smile whenever I do see it. I believe it may be my guardian angels or spirit guides. I had a psychic once tell me one of my guides were from the fairy realm. I guess i have a little tinker bell around me! lol. I guess now I just want to know why the increase in these flashes of light.

  • Mizgator

    At times of spiritual awakeing and also when you may be feeling low and in need of a friend or getting ready for transformation of a spiritual kind is when the increase will happen.


  • I thought i was the only one who has experienced that because i asked on other forum and got no answers. Its only happened once to me. It was at 4:00 a.m. and i was wide awake, my husband had just left to work. I was in bed and i heard a loud flashbulb sound, like one of those retro cameras at the same time i saw a flas of light come through the bedroom window. i looked out and everything was quiet and my dog was just laying there. No one could have been in my yard without her biting them or even barking. What could it be?

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