Will he leave committ to me after all these years

  • I asked Tarot if S if being honest about committing to me this is what I have

    What Covers You ...Nine of Cups

    What Crosses You Justice

    What Is Beneath You King of Wands

    What Is Behind You Four of Wands

    What Crowns You Knight of Swords

    What Is Before You King of Pentacles

    Your Self The Emperor

    Around You The Chariot

    Hopes and Fears Seven of Cups

    Outcome qeueen of Pentacles

    Any help will greatly appreciated


  • Psychic reading of your cards. You are both blessed and cursed with a "strong will". Stuborn and relentless when motivated. You can be either a powerhouse that moves mountains or a slave to wishful thinking. Always, you must consider what you WANT as well as what you NEED. Again--stubborness comes to mind so know yourself so you can use that stuborness in a positive way. It often is your best ali to "step back" from strong desires so clarity is visible. Reality is a form of JUSTICE if you make it your friend. Meaning you feel the truth but step back and SEE the reality.. You can FEEL good with a person and that is your truth and you can step outside emotions and SEE theur faults and THAT is reality. You need both to discern want with need...Your sword is using that kind of protective balance. Know your fears and others will not use them over you. The chariot reveals the aspect in your vision that fears--sees abandonment---you prefer security of knowing--control---and unfortunetly attract the same in mates. That's a lot of tension and come and go---I see a long history of come and go with attractions. Vulnerability is extra scary for you--you wish to be king and Queen but that kind of power --security is unrealistic.. Self knowledge is your offering right now---if you drink from that knowledge you will attract something more "permanent". But you must go into yourself more---nonjudgemental but just as observation---you must see patterns and be aware of attractions--reactions--compulsions and fear in yourself. The emporer is waiting in YOU. The nature of love is to be vulnerable. Too much guarding on both sides. This man S is the past and will be the same as always---OR if you change YOU he may follow your lead. But the answer is not outside you--but withing you. BLESSINGS!


  • Blmoon,

    Wowww, thanks for such interpretation of the cards, love the advice once thank you


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