Help me figure out a virgo man

  • Hello all, this is my first post. I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Im a cancerian girl and ive been interested in a virgo man for about 4-5 months now. We originally met at work, the first day we worked together we totally hit it off. After that, everytime we worked together we talked about anything from politics and religion and relationships to bad chuck norris movies and how I can and he cant cook. We've agreed on 99% of everything we've talked about. After working together a couple weeks I was thinking about quitting and mentioned I would miss talking to him. He responded that we could do something about that and that it's not often in life that we meet someone whos on the same page as you and we shouldn't let it go to waste. I was caught completely off guard and didnt respond, except to say that he should probably leave so he wouldnt get in trouble for staying late. He said he was trying to be nice and not just leave me but I told him I'd be okay and Id find him on fb and add him later. I realised I sucked for that after the fact, so the next day I gave him my number and he immediately texted me his. When I needed a package shipped but it couldnt go to my apt he offered and had it shipped to his house. I asked him why he was so nice and he told me he's only nice to people he likes. I baked for him a couple times and he always talked about how awesome it was and told other people about it. One night, after mentioning that I flirt with him shamelessly he couldnt sit still the rest of the night and at one point, when talking about being straight forward about things he told me he's usually in tune but he just cant pick up on hints when someone likes him-even though I know he can because we've talked about past relationships. The problem is, he rarely returns my texts. I told him once via text I was interested, but he didn't respond and we both acted like nothing happened when we saw eachother. He mentioned once liking to push his limits, and that other girls in his past always said he was really dificult' this happened after I mentioned feeling like he was being difficult. I quit a few weeks ago and told him I'd be sad if I never heard from him again, he said he was sure we could do something, but I havent heard from him yet.

    I apologize for the rediculously long post. Any advice is appreciated

    Also, he told me a while ago that he's really laid back in the beginning when it comes to relationships and that he's a private person so I've tried to be as relaxed about all this as possible. I'm a pretty outgoing person who's pretty much happy all the time so I have to remember to be a little less intense sometimes. He's also mentioned a few times how introverted he tends to be, even though around me he's not at all. And, he would alwasy mention after doing somethine "weird" or funny how he likes that I don't judge him for anything and he can be himself. We talked once about a girl that had liked him but was too in his face for his liking and he mentioned being willing to give almost anyone a "chance" so I don't understand why we haven't done anything yet.

  • Hi Cancerann27,

    I do think he likes you but you are going to have to adjust to his rhythm which for Virgos are sooooo slow it is like they are stalling the whole thing. They get really intimidated by displays of affection, they are very verbal, but if you put the moves on him he might shy away. All I can say is that if you are ready to be patient with him you will need a lot of it!. I would not initiate contact, it may take him a while...a good ten days, but let him take the lead.

  • I too need some Virgo Man advice!

    I am a cancer who has not exactly been lucky in love. I once had an ex-boyfriend tell me that as a friend I am wonderful, funny, caring, generous, and loving. But once a relationship becomes romantic I emotionally shut down and become very guarded. Not exactly a typical cancer woman, I know. Since, I have been doing a lot of work about the relationships in my life and have made a conscious effort to be more open and honest with myself and potential partners.

    I have since met a man (Virgo) A. 8/26/77, which we immediately felt a connection. He and I have been able to have really open and honest conversations about our pasts, wants for our future, and have undeniable chemistry. Its still new and things are coming along nicely, although not as quick as I would like. From what i have read, Virgo men need time to trust their partner before they can commit so i am trying to be patient. I have already made it clear that I don't mind taking it slow as long as I know it is going somewhere. He is a good man and I do believe that he wouldn't intentionally hurt me. Anything that has bothered me, like him not responding to calls or texts quickly, once I told him, he has gotten MUCH better about it. So I feel we communicate well.

    Since I have not had my guard up with him and have been able to have honest conversations about my feelings he knows me no other way. But because this is totally out of my comfort zone, I question if his feelings and intentions are real. Am I just being impatient? Or overly sensitive? Or am I just over thinking this whole thing?

  • Hi ladies...There is a forum here named the heart of a virgo man...Started in 2009, and is still going...I am very sure you will find what you are looking for...I bet you will very surprise as to all the ladies having the same problems with their Virgo men...They seem to have the same patttern...Lots of luck...

  • Canceranne...He likes you...What virgo men tend to do is analyze everything...He is feeling you...He is going to do things on his terms...Meaning he is going to take his sweet time....They are also very shy people...Sometimes you may have to be the one to make contact...I had been talking to a Virgo man for 6 mos. before I met him...I had to initiate the meeting...I figure after 2-3 mos of talking, we would have a meet and greet...Not knowing how he felt about me, I asked this really stupid question...That was when I found out that he really wanted to meet me...What ever you do, do not play games...Do not like to play games...Although they will play games with you...They do this testing type thing...I guess to see if you are serious...Be careful what you tell him...He has a memory like an elephant...(as we do too)...He will use against you later on down the line...If you were to date him, it would probably take him years to get into a committed relationship if ever....They are very private, and secretive people...Do not ask him any personal question, as they will go unanswered...They go through these mood things too, like us...They seem to like a lot of women around them...They like to receive praise, but will give it back if it is sincere...They are extremely sensitive people as we are, so please pick and choose your words carefully, as he will shut down on you if were to say something out of line...You with your intuition will know when you have hurt his feelings...He will tell that he is not hurt, but he really is...Go to the forum that I mentioned above, and read the different threads...There are close to 400 pages to this forum...To get the maximum understanding of this creatures, start from the beginning....

  • Thank you for replying. He is actually pretty open regarding personal matters. I've asked him some personal things, after asking if it was okay to do so and he's always given me an answer. I get the feeling too, that he likes me as much as I like him. I just get freaked out by feelings-ive been single for four years now by choice and he's the first person to make me feel like I dont want to live in solitude with a hot pool boy! I just don't want to put myself out there and get shut down.

  • @canceranne27 I surely understand that...Visit the forum that I have mentioned above...Now that might freak you out...The friendship/relationships all started out great, then they spiraled to hell and back...This may freak you out too...

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