Question about work, please...

  • Hello everyone,

    I just go this job about a month ago and

    just now there seems to be trouble.

    Im just wondering if theres a plot

    against me from the manager and her best

    friend. I might be the one that made mistakes

    with the things we prepre at work but im new n

    I feel that they just wanna get me fired cuz I

    dont wanna go out in a relationship with the

    manager's best friend's nephew...

    There's a lot goin on and I dont know how

    to handle it.

    I appreciate honest feedback,

    Thanks a lot in advance!!

  • You should ask for feedback from the boss regarding your work as I feel there is a problem there. Nothing personal is involved.

  • Thanks.Captain 🙂

    I was told what I did wrong and I took responsability for it.

    I dont like to involve work with my personal life but this

    time I might have done a bit, specially when feelings are

    involve but I already cleared that up with the guy.

    May I ask one more question to you captian?

    What vibes do I give out concerning "love"?

  • You give off vibes that say you have very high expectations and standards of your lover and that he had better be prepared to please you - or else you will walk away.

  • Lol wow i do have high expectations but not to please me. I preffer to give.

    Thanks a lot captain! Have a great day. You should take a rest. Idk if it's me but

    I feel u tired. Some ice cream, a walk thrugh the park, a cup of warm tea. The day was beautiful

    today. The sun seems to smile lol

    Big hug!

    Good night!

  • No, it's you. You must face what you are if you want to grow - the good and the bad (as we all must do). You can be demanding without realizing it. Ask someone you know for honest feedback.

  • Alright! Thanks for being honest 🙂

    And i will. Without even realizing it..

    Im beginin to realize that lately.

    I really appreciate honesty, i need it to face my problems.

    Thanks a lot Captain!

    Have a great day!

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