Closs feelings from the othe side. help please!

  • lately i've been feeling like there's a pressence very close to me and just recently i've started to hear loud high pitched sounds just off my shoulder. if some one is tryin to get my attention i really dnt know how to give it to them because i'm scared and nerous. how do i deal with this and can anyone tell me who it may be? please help. thanks guys!

  • From my own experiences probably someone close to you that has passed/someone about to pass/ or spirit trying to warn you of something. Take stock of what's going on around you.

  • Hello waltoy,

    I understand how you feel, this happens to me everyday almost. I believe the high pitched sound is a spirit guide that is trying to guide you with your thoughts. My guide regularly sets off this sound when I am reading tarot cards for myself or others, this sound comes when I have found the correct answer to something. Sometimes the sound comes in a vibration in my head, it also comes when I ask for my spirit guide to be present and help me to overcome fear or anxiety. If you have tinnitus, a form of ringing or high pitched noise, this can also indicate hearing loss, and I also have this, but am strongly aware of the signs when they come. If you are afraid of any presence then visualize a white light surrounding you, see it in your mind expanding even under your feet. Breath in and out through your mouth for a few minutes, then in through the mouth and out through the nose. These techniques can be explained if you like. Also ask in your mind if an ancestor or friend, etc. is around you, we all have a spirit guide, just ask for the guide present be there for your highest good. Your fear is normal, but with practice and faith, breathing and being aware of your thoughts will probably lead you to some fantastic discoveries about yourself and your belief systems, be flexible and you will be able to expand and learn more about your world.

  • WOW thanks guys, both of you were very informative. i've have actually come to a point in my life where i do want to stop hiding from whats happening to me. 2 yrs ago i had a psychic tell me i was psychic myself when i only called about love. i want to know more about how my abilities work and what they are. first step is getting pass the fear and i am going to be working on that asap. and yes i would like the techniques to be explained, luv2laf, thanks so much guys!

  • Dear waltoy,

    I would like to start off with showing you how to clear yourself. We will start with the purification of the body with the Earth energies: Breath in and out through the nose, think of images of the earth, like flowers, earth, stuff of the fields, the land parted from the waters etc. visualize the seasons of growth from growth to decay, it is all earth bound, smell, taste, touch, feel, hear, see, these things from which we came form and to which we will go back to. Feel the roots coming out of your feet and moving deep into the earth where you can breath the toxins from your body into, deep within the earth through the soles of your feet to be recycled for the good and used again somewhere else.

    Next we will purify with water: Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Think of water, a clear blue lake, a silver stream running through a forest, the salty ocean waves engulging you, the pouring rain refreshing the earth, etc. You are under a waterfall, feel the water flowing through you and cleansing all of your cells etc. this is powerful and calming.

    Now we will breath using purification from air: Breath in and out through the mouth with the lips almost closed. Imagine that you are outdoors in the wind. It rushes past, lifting your hair, blowing at your clothes, feel the wind blow through you. Imagine being an eagle and feeling the wind in your feathers etc.

    Purification with fire: Breath in through the mouth and out through the nose; on the inhale, the lips should almost be closed- a fine stream of air enters. A dark volcano against the night sky suddenly erupting in brilliant sparks, golden molten lava moving down through the black rocks. Feel your own internal process of combustion- the food in your body being burned as fuel. Feel yourself burning with desire for your ideals and one by one, as you manifest them they turn into light-pure white light which illuminates everything around you.

    Dear waltoy, please listen to me, you have nothing to fear but the fear of not knowing, it is a primitive feeling that is a natural part of the brains chemistry to a new experience. When you realize that you are blessed with certain gifts, then you will find your higher power, God, angels, anything that is sooo beautiful. When you accept the blessing, you will never ever feel fear again on that level, or any level for that matter.

  • this is all just happening in piles now. i just had a strange thing happen to me this morning. i was laying in bed watching tv and wanting to go to sleep but my daughter was up still moving around in her bed. all of a sudden the tv flickered and then about 5 mins later it flickered again and then about 5 mins after that it went off. it frightened me so i ran to turn on the light and then over to turn the tv back on but soon as i reach for the power button the lights flickered and i ran to get my 2 yr old to get in bed with me.: ( sad!!!! it's gonna take some time but that was too much for me at this point. im a working progress though. I thank you for you kindness and sharing techniques to help me better manage whats going on. thank you so very much!

  • This again is normal, although it took me many years and people telling me so. I had people quit working with me because the radios would turn on and off. You are starting to tune into your mind feild, your electric mind field. And yes, this has happened before with me and someone on the web, it was about me shattering light bulbs when I was upset, and she had this happen at the same time. There is an almost lightening effect that will prevade the aura of your life, it is an awakening. You are safe, if you are scared then talk to me, I will watch and be there for you.

  • It is 6:38am here now, when I wake up. I will check up on you, if you have any questions for me then I will respond in kind. Also, if you are not comfortable with me that is alright, there are many others who may be of service, but I will check if you want me too still. Remember, the spirits may not always be there when you want, it is kind of like an opportunity call and electrical letter to you. Tkfn.

  • i really, really, appreciate your guidance right now and i would like it very much if you help me on my new journey. i really am an open minded being on a normal day, i just have to get used to the new normal. I'm almost sure i saw a shadow figure in the corner when the lights went out and i'm just wanting to go to sleep before it happens again. need time to get my mind right,so im gona snuggle with my honey and i hope to talk to you soon. thank you so much and many more. good night or morning : )

  • Its all good, take your time,and maybe check out the empath community as well.

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