Job prosepct & coming exam

  • I wonder if there is a possibility of me having a job as a Pharmacy Technical Assistant after I completed my study at the end of May this year. I am having a difficult time now & I wonder if I can manage the exam towards the end of May this year. Your guidance & advice is highly appreciated by me. Thank you in advance.

  • You have a very vulnerable energy about you. You are capable of passing the tests but not if you do not focus on that and nothing else. You are unconciesly sabotaging yourself. You are in a very weakened state and disrespecting yourself in some way. Is there a family member close to you--or a loving friend? You need care and nurturing. It is dangerouse to be a weak thing in the jungle---I read your other post and do not make contact again with the man and do not send him money--if you already have visit a police station and report it.. What ever is done is done---it will be there AFTER the tests. Are you a hundred percent sure this is the career you really wan? or does the responsability scare you a bit? If you do truelly want it than yes you can pass--but it will take all the energy you can muster and you are very low. You must build up some joy and faith and peace of mind first. Take time to enjoy things that make you feel better. Pray to Saint Michael to protect you and give you strength. BLESSINGS?

  • Dear Blmoon, Thank you very much for your reading, advice and guidance. At least there is still hope. It is true I am vulnerable and that was why I had been taken advantage by the bad guy who professed to be an American soldier serving in Afghanistan who needed to be saved because he did not want to die in the war in Afghanistan. I am trying to move on and it takes a great effort. The problem is sometimes I feel the episode sits in my head & I feel depress. I wish I could turn back the clock. I enjoy my studies and as a matter of fact and I have been doing very well before this guy brought the disaster & ruined everything for me. I really look forward to it as a career because I like to share the knowledge with people and hjelp them too. I need your prayer too. Regards, Glede

  • I feel the change in your energy already! Recognize with awareness the big picture OUTSIDE your emotions. This event is sabotaging you---if you let it. This is your chance NOT to be a victim and get your power back. I sense a bit of a shadow in you that doesn't feel totaly at home with reward and deserving to be happy. You do deserve this dream. I know it sounds strange but really most folks are more fearful of success than failure. You are not alone with this battle. Forgive your big heart and move on. REGRET is a very negative paralizing energy that serves no purpose! It keeps you in victim mode or guilt mode--both are negative energies that weigh you down and send out the message that you loath yourself and that attracts predators. Think energy. That all thoughts and actions are energy and you DO have the power to control that.. Be totaly forgiving of yourself and refuse to think of that man. Thank God you ARE NOT him! He gets away with nothing on a spiritual level. God does not want you to punish yourself! Be your own best friend--your own loving mother or father. Be aware when you are letting your thoughts get stuck in regret---call it by name and stop it. Distract yourself immediatly---listen to music--dance--do homework--call a positive friend. Surround yourself with people who are positive. Take control of your life. Get back to your dream! You can't always control others--only your own PERSPECTIVE. If you let this bad event sabotage you--take root in your being you are letting him victimize you again and again. Make a loving promise to yourself to NOT replay that event in your head ever again. blessings!

  • Dear Blmoon, Thank you very much for your reply. What do you mean by "Recognize with awareness the big picture OUTSIDE your emotions" which you mentioned? I do not understand. Can you kindly explain to me, please? The change of energy comes after my consultation with you. It hjelps. At times I am still struggling with the episode because it creeps into my head. I tried to concentrate on my studies and that is what it means most to me.Thank you very much for your guidance, advice and support. Pray for me too. Regards, Glede

  • It means that when you are feeling your worst you tend to isolate yourself untill all there is is the reality IN YOUR HEAD. Worry makes you smaller---makes your world smaller. It fixates on a thought. Often the change or relief only comes when we use all our mighty will and just get outside---into the sunlight---be around positive others---start a project---mostly, go outside and feel how big the worl is and how it's full of possibilities---it feels like freedom outside---inside trapped in our head the world is small. Staying in the house alone is not good for times of hopelessness. Outside you have all of nature--it feeds the spirit and the "fairies" whisper positive thoughts---it connects you with spirit---the energy is medicine OUTSIDE. Gardening is very good--or if that is not your thing just go into nature--a walk by the water or sit in a park and watch children play. See a good movie---anything to distract you from the false reality in your head. POSSABILITY lives outside. Of course--your head can dream big--visualize miricles but if you cannot do that then you need to let God help you and so go outside your head. BLESSINGS!

  • Dear Blmoon, Thank you very much for your invaluable advice, guidance and last but not least for sending me earlier, the prayer of ST. MICHAEL, THE ARCHANGEL. The prayer is really very powerful. I still need your prayers very much and from others too. Spare some thoughts for me. I really treasure all of you here for devoting your/their time in hjelping us when we are out and down. May God bless all of you.

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