Need advice regarding an Aquarius Woman (I'm a Sagittarius Male)

  • Sorry to bother you again but mjaay I dont suppose you had dinner with her last night by any chance?

  • ** CrazyCap,

    No worries, we all have bad days...and I am one who has also had many bad days I completely understand.

    It's Friday night around midnight as I'm posting this, so I assume by 'last night' you mean Thursday night.

    To answer your question...we didn't have dinner on Thursday, but we did spend the entire day together again, at a Hotel, which began around 7:30am.

    In short, it was VERY, VERY, VERY INTENSE...both emotionally and physically...for both of us.

    I have to admit, I am not used to being so close to anyone or better yet so 'emotionally' attached to anyone.

    After our time together was over, we had to go back to our respective families...and let me just say...IT WAS EXTREMELY difficult to do so.

    As soon as she left the Hotel, not even 10 minutes after she was gone...we both began to miss each other big time...I wanted to call her on her cell...but I didn't want to seem too clingy, so I decided not to.

    Then a few minutes later...she ended up calling me because she just felt so bad that she had to leave and started missing me already.

    We spent so much of the evening last night, speaking by phone when/where we could but mainly texting.

    It's crazy because this is getting very 'serious' and emotionally involved. Now we seem to be on the same page, and she is feeling for me the same way I'm feeling for her.

    WE can't stop thinking about each other and we both get very sad because we can't be with each other.

    She ended up going out to dinner with her husband this evening and she was just constantly texting me before during and after their dinner outing.

    I ended up letting my wife and kids do their own thing tonight while I went to the Casino...just to be alone...although I REALLY WANTED TO BE WITH MY AQUA Girl...I already knew that she wasn't going to be able to break away from her family.

    At least she kept me company by texting me throughout the evening.

    Anyway, I must admit, things between my Aqua girl and I have seriously escalated in intensity for us...ESPECIALLY EMOTIONALLY.

    I think the crux of the matter is that we both long to be with each other...come home to each other and live a life together...but at this present time we cannot just 'pickup and leave' our families and lives.

    Unfortunately, it's so sad to say that it is about money for both of us. She cannot afford to leave her husband and live on her own and I cannot afford to pay my mortgage so that my wife and kids can continue to live her...AND have another place JUST FOR ME...AND support my Aqua girl the way she needs to.

    It's such a 'weird' transition for me and it is getting extremely difficult to even simply carry on day by day without so many thoughts and distractions on my mind.

    Just to clarity the point about paying for things...I would say for the most part I have paid for all of our 'get togethers', Hotel encounters, Dinners and Lunches and etc.

    From time to time, she wants to pick up the bill...which I reluctantly accept...I think because I probably just have a lot of macho pride and I don't like having a female pay for anything.

    Anyway, my Aqua girl already mentioned earlier today that somehow, some way she wants to spend an entire day and possibly night with me as well...very, very soon.

    That is going to be very difficult but we'll see what happens.

    My Aqua girl already admitted to me yesterday and today, point blank...that she wants to have a future with me...a life together.

    So I don't know. Like I've mentioned much of this is 'financial'. I can't just 'drop' my wife either...because that isn't the kind of person I am.

    She can't afford to live on her own either and I don't want my kids to have to be uprooted from the schools that they attend and the neighborhood we live in.

    Fortunately/Unfortunately, we live in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the country...and my Aqua girl happens to live about 20 minutes from me, in another highly sought-after, affluent neighborhood as well.

    Anyway, I never thought that I would see the day where my Aqua girl would grow so attached to me emotionally, in a way that would rival my own feelings for her. But it has FINALLY happened.

    We have had so many discussions these past 2 weeks about us having a future together.

    One of the items that we have agreed upon, having to do with that we both cannot simply pick up and leave our families and then move in with each other.

    The reason is because we both have children in the picture. So it would have to be the type of situation where I would have to live on my own, having my own place and she would also have to live on her own as well. Then we both could SLOWLY introduce ourselves to our children and minimize any kind of shock or resentment from our children.

    Oh well, it's after midnight so I better run to bed.


  • ** Captain,

    I was just curious, with all that I have been writing/posting lately, regarding my 'Aqua Girl Episodes', have you 'seen' anything with regard to my financial and work situation? I know that we have a totally separate area on these forums for financial matters, but I was just curious since it's all kind of 'tied in' with my whole 'situation'.

    Also, not that I'm going to get my hopes up or anything, but have you 'seen' or sensed anything 'changing for the better' with regard to a future with my Aqua Girl...or does it all still seem to be the same as when I first started posting on here?

    Again, just curious...given all that has been taking place.

    Thank you,


  • OR I dare you to get real answers from real psychics.

  • ** SchizophrenicSybil

    Thank you for your suggestion. I had never heard of those two websites before. I just registered on '' and submitted my question. However, since it's limited to only 300 characters, there wasn't a whole lot that I could put.

    Will you be the one answering my question on that website? Have you had an opportunity to read my entire thread, since the beginning?



  • Is SchizophrenicSybill suggesting there aren't real psychics here on this forum?

  • MJaay, I feel you need to prepare yourself for a time of loss of money and/or income later this year. I feel you will enter a period towards the end of the year where you are in a state of retreat/isolation or all alone without many resources, and you will need to spend this 'down' time reconsidering and reassessing your whole life and love situation.

    I still feel your Aquarian woman has not the courage or motivation to end her marriage and commit to you completely. She would prefer things to stay as they are with you as her part time lover, but still living with her husband and kids. She does not like to bring any conflict or nastiness into her life.

  • ** Captain,

    Thank you very much for responding to my request. I'm hoping that my financial situation doesn't come to that which you have described. I have been doing everything within my power to avoid this type of situation and sometimes...I think that my efforts are either not enough or that they are in vain.

    My Aqua woman and I have been discussing these matters in serious detail. The way that I see things based on our discussions (and I could be totally wrong) is that she may be willing to leave her husband and commit to me...based on certain conditions...and that these conditions are mainly financial.

    Meaning, there is NO WAY that she will be willing to leave her marriage/relationship to be with me...if I cannot afford to take care of her and her children financially.

    This fact, I fully am aware of and completely accept. How can I possibly ask a woman to do this, especially with children in the picture.

    Right now, what she has is a 'safety net' for her and her children. If I were only her Best Friend and she was in a relationship with a lover and considering leaving her husband to be with this lover, I would think she would be out of her mind to jump from a financially safe and sound relationship with her husband, to be with a lover and have them live 'dirt poor'.

    I guess what I'm hoping is that financially things can and will change for me so that the 'conditions' are right for her to be with me.

    However, even if we were both single and 'dating', the same situation would be a factor. Would she want to give her self to a man who could not financially 'take care of her'.

    Lot's for me to think about I guess.


  • ** Captain,

    Another thing that goes through my mind is, what if she DOES end up wanting to leave her partner to pursue a future with me? I guess, if that time came, I would want to know that she wouldn't just 'cut n' run' if times got difficult.

    I'm not sure that it matters all that much, but she is not technically or officially married to her partner, but they do live together and have been for about 12 years.

    Apparently, it's been a 'hot button' between the two of them. She admitted to me that she has always been afraid to make that 'total commitment' to him or anyone for that matter. It's like she's always had one foot in their relationship and another foot out the door 'just in case'.

    I also found out recently that, although she was involved in an extramarital relationship for 3 years before I came along...her spouse wasn't really aware of the relationship aspect.

    Apparently, he thought it was a one-time 'hook-up', not a 3-year affair. I asked her what her spouse would have done if he had found out that it was going on for 3 years, rather than a one-time 'hook-up'. She admitted that if he would have found that out, he would have left her long ago.

    As of late, she's been REALLY talking to me about having a future with me. Like even this morning, she was thinking about 'logistics' with her kids and where she would stay in the immediate future and what would happen to her financially and etc.

    However, none of this really matters until she actually makes the decision to leave her spouse. Then, after she makes that decision she will then need to take the appropriate steps and put in to place...a 'plan of action'.

    So until then...we'll see what happens.


  • This woman is very complicated - even she doesn't know what she wants. And as you can see, she doesn't have a good record for commitment to either her unofficial marriage or her lovers. Sorry but in the end for her I feel it will come down to money rather than love.

  • ** Captain,

    Thank you again for your insight and support! In all honesty, I think that just might be the case. Of course, I hope it isn't...but it may just be.

    I also find it very strange that I am in this financial predicament. I REALLY do not know what to make of it. For the last 6 years, I have experienced the most financial success in my entire life...especially with my current employer. Then over the past year, it's like it has just shot straight down to hell.

    I'm used to planning, plotting, maneuvering and navigating through various barriers, agenda's and political strife within my employer and within my industry. But as of late, it's like no matter what I do, no amount of planning or maneuvering...nothing I do seems to make any difference AT ALL.

    My Aqua Girl and I have recently been discussing a lot about our 'past'. For whatever reason, our 'relationship' is grounded in our 'friendship' in that we insist and demand 100% honesty and open communication between us.

    Obviously, with certain topics we need to use discretion, timing and appropriate 'delivery'...but never-the-less...we demand open communication and honesty.

    This has a lot do, for example, with matters of the opposite sex, what we 'allow' or what 'we're ok with' etc., and so on.

    I can literally FEEL her getting closer and closer and more attached to me, every day that passes.

    Like I mentioned in an earlier post, her feelings for me and towards me almost rival my feelings for her.

    I have no question or doubt, that she will not leave her partner to be with me, unless things with me are financially 'sound'. She's not asking for me to be rich...but asking that I have my financial act together so that we can live the way we want to live.

    I accept this and wouldn't expect anything less.

    In addition, like I said before...she may or may not be my soul-mate...but it sure feels like she is. However, even if she is not...I will use our relationship as the 'standard' for my future relationships.

    I am not leaving my wife and ending my marriage for my Aqua Girl...but I will admit that she is a huge factor or at least plays a huge role in this.

    I haven't been happy for years and I believe I should be able to find someone that we can make each other happy for years to come.

    It's weird. I am not in the least bit 'Psychic' or anything...but although I cannot 'see' anything changing for me in the 'physical realm' feels like something good is right around the corner.

    Man...I hope that is the case!!!


  • Do you love this aqua girl? And are you going to leave your wife or make it hard for her to live with you so she leaves you when you get the money your after?

  • Just so you can be with this aqua thing?

  • Is this planned for the next week or when something bad happens that your waiting on to happen just so you can be with this aqua?Coz you be 'rich' enough to 'support' this aqua thing.

  • Does she love you?

  • I mean really love you? Have you said you love her to her yet? and does she say that to you?

  • Yes Mjaaay, you and your lover talk a lot together and promise each other much - but the real proof of your relationship will not be in the talking, but in the doing. Many married people who have affairs promise their lovers the earth...yet most of those lovers sadly end up alone. I mean, it's not as if her longtime partner is abusive or anything...

  • ** Captain,

    You are SOO, SOO right about this! I guess the proof will be in the 'pudding', as they say.

    ** CrazyCap,

    Yes, I truly LOVE her and she does truly LOVE me. We have been saying this to each other for a long time now.

    Apparently, she has already purposed in her heart now, that she does in fact want a future with me...with or without the perfect financial conditions.

    I WISH I had some big money about to come in for me or something...but I do not...or at least am not aware of such money coming in (But boy could I use it right now).

    I already talked to my wife about how I feel about our marriage and that I want a divorce. She is however, fighting to keep our marriage together, rather than just letting me that's kind of weird.

    But as Captain stated, the REAL PROOF will be in the actions not the words.

    Everything is really crazy right now, but mainly because of my financial situation...which I still do not know what to make of it.


  • There may be more than financial worries here. Your Aquarius woman may be worried that the courts would not allow her to keep her kids if she left her de facto husband for her lover.

  • Hello Captain,

    Yes, I'm sure that can be a concern, although she hasn't hinted towards anything like that. She already stated that as far as custody, it would have to be 50/50. You are right for sure though, that there is nothing really 'bad' in her current relationship, other than the fact that she isn't happy with him and has not been happy for years.

    She says that there just isn't that 'deep emotional connection with him...and there never has been. She says it feels like they are more like 'good friends' living under the same roof, but there isn't any real intimacy in their relationship.

    Apparently, she has developed this 'intimacy' with me and for sure...has an incredible and very deep emotional connection with me, as I do with her.

    As far as my situation...all I have done is shared my feelings with my wife and the fact that I want a divorce, but I have not shared the 'cheating' aspect of it. Mainly, because I know it would cause her very deep pain and I do not want to do that to her.

    She keeps wanting to 'hang on' to our marriage and I know that all I have to do is confess to cheating and it will be 100% over.

    In the mean time, as various family members are finding out about our situation...they are very sad for us and hope that we can work things out in the end.

    Even my wife's own Father & Step-Mother as well as her own Mother (Who was cheated on by my wife's Dad)...when they first learned about all of this...they even said to my wife '...well I still like's just that you guys have been through a lot and maybe he's just tired'.

    I'm sure this 'niceness' won't last forever, but I was ready to go to war and so far I'm not getting the 'fight' that I expected.

    Captain; Do you have any further thoughts or insight as to what on earth is happening with my job and financial situation? Keeping in mind that this started almost a year before I got serious with my Aqua Girl?

    I really am lost and have no idea what on earth is happening and what I can do...other than give up. I'm so perplexed about all of this. I know there is something great...right around the corner...but I don't know what else to do.


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