Healing/Clearing Vibes for Watergirl

  • Wow, friend - I just read what you've been gowing through! EWWW! I know what you mean, the kid's across the street put their 9 year old brother through the window next to my window a/c and were in the process of clearing me out when they got scared off. I lost about $3,000 of jewelry and they had my loaded 9 mm gun until the 13 year old was caught with it selling cocaine. But my house wasn't totally trashed - I did have to sleep with the window broken out and it was scary as hell thinking they could shoot me through the cardboard!

    I wish you could have gotten new stuff too - it sounds like total chaos and such dark energy. The cops told me they can do this in a matter of 15 minutes or so, even tho it looks like it'd take hours.

    I know you will do wonderfully at your new job and those folks who suck up the credit have a way of getting bit in the backside by it - hopefully.

    But I hope you can do as well with the feeling of being violated and the fear. I still now keep my jewelry locked away out of sight, when it was as much decoration as anything, and I've moved.

    So, don't let them steal something integral to yourself, find a way to feel good/protected/cleansed and maybe come out better than before - I don't know how that will happen for you, but I hope it does and I will be sending you love and light and seeing your beautiful aura clear and clean and protective space all around you as well!

    Love and Light,


  • Thank you Jlilna. My window has not been replaced yet either which leaves me feeling a little vulnerable at the moment, but other than that I am fine!

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