Your thoughts on this dream

  • can anyone tell me what it means when you dream that someone is waiting for you and you are rushing to not keep them waiting? A friend recently told me this dream they had, and I have my own interpretation, knowing all the details in their life. but i'm wondering what you all might think this could possibly mean.

  • Dreams are detail specific and should include the way the dreamer felt as well---- you didn't give enough detail to really be in depth but in general to have an anxiouse dream of not meeting some kind of expectation usually is a self doubt dream. Someone who is at the moment feeling they are not enough. This could be their own self doubt or reflect a real relationship where they are giving too much or trying to hard. Could also mean they are avoiding a relationship decision----maybe they are not committed to as much as they tell them selves. If you can give me more details I can pick up more. Unless other details say something more this dream most likely means the person is giving too much--either at work or home or anywhere really other than themselves. The slow down smell the roses reminder.

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