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  • Hi everyone I was just wondering what the next step in my Tarot Journey should be? Should I be doing something different? I am not sure.

    I do daily cards and spreads for myself and I try and do some research here and there but is this enough. I have also joined a Tarot Group which is wonderful.

    I have tried meditating with the cards but that hasn't been very helpful as I have been forcing it.

    Does anyone know any insightful or particularly interesting books I should read?

  • Hi LauraSA87,

    How long have you been doing tarot for ? I have a good book called the tarot revealed by Paul Fenton Smith its been a very helpful tool to me . I have had no luck meditating on the cards as well it just didnt work for me no matter how quiet and relaxed my enviroment was . 21 ways to read a tarot card by Mary K Greer is a very good book as well .

  • Hello LivingonaPrayer I have been interested in the Tarot for about 2 years. Im glad Im not the only one who has trouble with meditation and the Tarot! :-).

    Thanks for the advice on the books. Do you keep a journal to? Do you have a favourite deck?

  • Hi Laura ,

    I have done many journals over the years and i honestly found that didnt help me either , i very rarely revert back to therm, i find that i just go with the flow now with whatever my intuiton is telling me even if it has nothing to do with what the text book meaning of the card is as i honestly feel there are no set meanings , one card can have multiple meanings .I also tried the keyword system and that helped me a little but yet again i had many keywords for most cards as i couldnt narrow it down to just one . another good book and you can print it online is Learn Tarot by Joan Bunning , i printed it off and have done the excerices and found them very helpful . I have two big painted pictures on my wall of the Empress and High Priestess from the Rider Waite deck as these are the two archetpypes that inspire me the most . My favourite deck is the the oracle tarot by Lucy Cavendish as i can read it for myself (as i cant read for myself with standard decks ), but it is not a tradional deck , i also love the imagery on the mythic and gilded tarot decks . I use the Rider Waite it is the best and easiest one i can connect with .

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer

    I actually find Tarot Journals helpful and cant work without one. Unfortunately for me I do rely on the textbook meaning. What I do is I use my intuition with a card and then look it up in the book. I would like to get to the stage you are at now and just use my intuition.

    The High Priestess is one of my favourite cards to :-). Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi Laura ,

    I have been learning tarot for 8 years now ,and the reason i say learning is that i feel that i there is still so much to learn tarot is a wealth of knowledge , I know my journals will be helpful to someone one day i hope my kids will be interested in learning it and i hope they do it while they are young , as i started learning it in my 30s i wish i had of started heaps earlier . You will in time tune into the cards with your intution try and get a hold of the tarot revealed by Paul Fenton - Smith it is a great book , i learnt alot from it . he really goes into depth on how to interpret the cards , and he actually gives examples of his own readings as to why certain cards come out for certain people . I highly recommend it .

  • Sounds good thanks a bunch! 8years! wow. Im just getting started I feel as if I know nothing but its all a learning game I suppose. 🙂

  • HI Laura

    I just want to to warn you that you could beocome overloaded on your practice readings thread i also asked you for a reading but it if you cant do it i will totally understand . I thought i just ought to let you know as everyoine on this site including myself jumps at the chance of getting a reading done and good on you girl for taking the plunge and doing them you have a natural talent for it but just becareful not to take on much more than you can handle . If you find it is getting to overwhelming set yourself a cut off point people will understand .

    Love and hugs LOap:)

  • Hi, I look at card pairings and how they interact. Even if they are not close together. I pay close attention to the crowing cards and outcome cards. Sometimes tarot can be quite literal and sometimes even funny. It can be a good indicator and states the obvious a lot of the time. Most of the time don't need a whole lot of info. People show up as knights, kings and queens. A lot of the time High priestess will show as a personality type or warning for solitude--need for quiet etc. I think you'll learn as you get experience. Also, with relationship readings sometimes the receiver doesn't want the news. I've learned that you have to take the cards at face value and not put any other spin or interpretation of my own into it. It is what it is.

  • Hello Livingonaprayer and Daliolite thanks for the helpful info.


    Livingonaprayer I might see how I go and just do a few readings a day thank you for your advice.

    Daliolite I feel sometimes I can read too much into a card/ not enough or maybe see things that arent there but I think Im mainly guided by my intuition.

    mUCH lOVe guys

  • I purchased a couple of E-books online.

    I've had one for over 2 months now which has taught me alot and I personally think that I am a great tarot reader now. It's a beginner guide that focuses on you and how to channel your energy to do what will later come natural to you. If you want to learn more about it here is a link...(might have to copy and paste)


    It was cheap too...only 5.77

    I just bought another E-book last week for 20 bucks that I'm still going through. From what i've read so far, it goes really deep into the mindset of tarot and has taught me a great deal so far.

    If you want...here's the link to that one...


    Just remember that practicing is the best thing to do...just let it come natural with this education.

    I hope this helps...

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