Please help my son sees something

  • The other night my son woke uP flipping out saying there was a beast he was literally running from it this happened for four hours n since we moved into our new place he said there was a ghost in my room please help dr put him on respiradol a bipolar medication n he is only three his bday is jan 14 2009 thank you

  • The doctor is wrong - this is just a very sensitive child with strong psychic ability. If he senses something wrong in your house, then you need to do a house cleansing with sage smudging etc. Look up ways to clear your house of 'unwelcome entities' on the internet as there is plenty of info. This is a nasty former occupant of the house who needs to let go and move on. Then your son will be fine.

  • I agree with the capt I use white sage to clear, clense & protect also you need to tell the enitity he needs to go that his time here is over & he needs to go and rest, that he needs to cross over tell him firmly with out confrontation or with out being afraid I also use seasalt & holy water (you can make the water by leaving it in the sun with a pinch of seasalt) then sprinkle it in thru out the home.

    If it doesnt work then call on a priest or medium to help rid the home also put some house plants thru out your home

  • Thank you I used a smudge n protection candle n stones. The other night my dryer started on its own n my pop can moved before my eyes n I am having nightmares of something trying to take my sons from me (possession) activity had increased since the smudging and rituals. I'm thinking of getting rid of my tarot cards. I'm becoming frightened and landlord refuses to give me info on former tenants. I emailed a investigation team asking for help as well and a priest again to bless my home. My son is now seeing him durin the day and he says it follows him to school and other places. Thank you for your help. I was hoping this move was going to be a promising change for us...guess I was wrong. When my son sees it I tell him to tell it to go to the light and be nice cause he says it pinches him. I will look on net for cleansing and riding of unwanted spirits

  • Be stronger than the entity - it has only limited powers and the worst thing it can do is frighten you so don't let it get that power over you. Think of it as a small annoyance, not a big terror. Put it in its place as you would do any nuisance visitor.

  • I am empathic and have been dealing with ghosts all of my life. My son is also autistic, and a "ghost magnet" of his own.

    This ghost has attached itself to your son because ghosts need energy in order to manifest themselves, and since they can't create it themselves, they need to gather it from their environment. Who better than children, those fountains of energy? 🙂

    What happens becomes a cycle...the ghost bothers your child, your child gets upset which creates energy, the ghost uses the energy to bother your child some more...etc. You have to break the cycle.

    Teach your son to be brave and to tell the ghost to leave him alone. He needs to learn to ignore it, especially if he has psychic abilities. He needs to be able to learn that he's the boss, and that only he can "allow" contact or not. You also need to show the ghost that you and your son are a team and that you will also not allow this ghost to bother your son. What happens is that you two are putting up a "barrier", where you are not allowing the ghost into your space. Eventually, it will get it and move on. You can also encourage the ghost to leave, by telling it that it's Time is done, and that if it wants to be with its' loved ones, it needs to go to the Light. I usually encourage them to "go to the Light in the sky that looks like the moon but isn't the moon"...they can see it. I have a cleansing ritual that has always worked for me for the last 25 or so years, and will be happy to send it along to you.

  • Yes I would if you wouldn't mind sharing. I did a couple spell returning negativity and doing research on more looking at a few books if anyone has suggestions for me to read to help him build his gift spells and other useful tools. My family is welcoming his gift with open mind and my side has family history of several gifts of the supernatural. Thank you all again I am more calm and reassured

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