Dream interpretations about cats

  • Hello everyone,

    I'd like to know if anyone here can do a dream interpretation for me?

    Here's what I can remember and somewhat jarred me:

    It was getting dark outside, I had just parked my car and my group of 6 stray cats ( 1 marble colored kitten, 3 yellow cats, 1 black and white and a gray striped cat) that I feed came up to me meowing and what not. As per usual I meowed back and began our little conversation. Lol!! In my waking life they don't allow me to touch them, in my dream, the 3 yellow cats were rubbing against me, purring and just all around lovable. I reach down and pet them, then the little black marble colored kitten comes up and jumps in my lap. I put Patches down and began to feed them. Next thing I know I run out of food and there are like 20 cats around me all eating and having a conversation! I lock the car and proceed to walk away then one of the new cats began to follow me meowing very loudly! I turn around and the cat turns into a full grown woman!!! She has olive complexioned skin, and loooooong black hair past her butt, for reasons unknown I dropped to my knees! She walked up to me and said you have a kind heart and your spirit is pure then blew on me!!! I tell you, now I have shivers all over again!!! At that point, she turns back into a cat and walks over to the food I put down!!

    What could this possibly mean? I know there is symbolism in cats but this is just strange!!!

    Thanks in advanced,


  • Awesome dream!! I too feed feral cats most of which will not let me touch them. What your doing is a beautiful thing and your dream shows that!As I understand it everything in your dream is yourself. The kitties are what I would interpret as innocence, but it really is a question you need to ask yourself. What are they to you? The woman your higher self I'd think. That higher self is honoring your good heart and generosity.Keep up your good works dear!


  • Obviously you love cats other wise you would not be feeding them and when you see the cats in your dream it represents an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.

    The woman in your dream represents nurturance, passivity, caring nature, and love.

    The locking of the car means you are protecting the things around you. The woman/cat blew on you as protection due to your kindness.

    Very awesome dream!!!

  • Yes, very cool dream! That you were feeding the cats/woman indicates that you're nourishing the aspects of yourself shadowmist named, perhaps especially independence since they're feral cats as well as feminine sexuality given their behavior. (By contrast, when I'm not nourishing some part of myself, I often dream I've forgotten to feed and take care of an animal—or a baby—according to what I'm neglecting. It's very disturbing but it certainly gets my attention!) And perhaps the proliferation of cats means that by feeding yourself this way, you'll attract, or are already attracting, like-minded people. Yay, you!! 🙂

  • Thank you everyone for your responses!! That dream really took me aback! The whole blowing on me thing is what really struck a chord!! I actually felt it, almost like confetti at a new years party!!!

    As explained, the dream makes sense. I am currently a stay at home mother attempting to re-enter the workforce so the independence of it all rings true! As to feminine sexuality... Well I am very much focused on getting my inner self back on track, so maybe I should take into account my sexuality as well... Hmmm, interesting to say the least!!!

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