Advice / Insight appreciated

  • So i've post here on numerous occasions and having been grateful for everyone for getting back to me on their own free time to pass on insight to me.

    Now I am hoping for a little more -

    For the last 6 months or so, I have been in two minds as to whether to return to my home country and start a new life there or to stay where i am currently living - its a big decision for me as my home country does not have the best economic outlook at the moment and work is scarce although i have this urge or lonliness pang to return to it and to try and create a life for myself there. Where I am living at the moment I have a good job and good friends but I cannot travel outside the country due to restrictions on my Visa and if I do leave I may not be able to return for a few years at least!

    But at the moment I am looking for a new apartment with one of my friends and for some unknown reason we cannot find the right place for us so now I have to stay with my friend for the time being as I have to be out of my current apartment tomorrow! We have looked at so many but nothing seems to be fitting for us!

    So what I am wondering is - is this a sign that yes i should leave this place and start a new life at home or is it just me making stuff up in my head?

    I am nearly 30, single and no positive romantic outlook in the present so I really have no ties here!

    Any advice would be appreciated and thank you for looking at my long post!


    DOB 01/18/83.

  • Hi eilyk,

    It sounds as if the decision for all intents and purposes will be permanent.

    On one hand, you have a good job, have friends...and seem content with your standard of living.

    On the other, you may faced with no job, lower economic standard of far could it go? Is there danger at all...or just inconvenience?

    Lonliness...for home country, if it is based on the hope that you will find someone who can relate to you in your customs and language and provide you with a loving relationship, could be detrimental. In my mind that is a dangerous reason for leaving what you know and going to uncertainty.

    If it is your parents and family who are back in your home country, I totally understand the loneliness. I live states away from my mother...and I miss her terribly, though I do get to see her at least once or twice a year.

    You have worked hard to get where you are wise to give careful consideration

    the right apartment might just be waiting for the right time

    ask your gaurdian angel to direct you, to give you a sign as to the direction you should take

    ask in faith, and be aware

    wishing you the best,


  • thank you for your kind advice, i appreciate another persons thought on the situation!!

  • oh to explain - there will be no danger in my home country at all, in fact its a beautiful country and one with great people. the only problem is the economy which has gone on its belly in the last few years. i will ask my guardian angel to direct me but i have had a reading previously with an angel reader who stated that the angels stated that my soul path is in my home country rather than where i am now!

  • 🙂

    If your soul is then urging to go....then go. A beautiful country where there is peace of mind and soul is hard to match.

    You are free to perhaps now is perfect timing.

    If I were brave and had no ties here..I too would return "home" where my heart lies.

    Please keep us posted if possible, if and when you return to your homeland. I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful doors open for you.

    Blessings to you eilyk

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