Leo woman having a ahrd time getting over Libra man

  • I am a 27 yr. old leo woman and I have just gotten out of a relationship with a libra man (he's 30) and we have a one yr. old daughter together. We were together to almost 2 yrs. and we would always break up and get back together. Last year i found out he had cheated on me, but i took him back and we tried to make it work. Earlier this year i found out he was cheating on me again so i broke up with him. After that he wld tell me he still loved me and that he missed me but that we just needed some time apart. Then he says that he just needs to be single for a while but come to find out that he is in a relationship with the last girl he cheated on me with. Now, before i found out i did sleep with him a few times against my better judgement. When i ask him if he has moved on he wont give me an answer. He has moved in with the girl, she is letting him drive her car and is buying him things. It's only been 1 month since we broke up and he has moved on already. I just don't understand how he could have moved on so fast. We had spoken briefly about why he cheated on me with her and he told me that he was just using her so that he could get his money right. I confessed to him that i still loved him and wanted to be with him and he told me to hold on to those feelings and that maybe we just needed this time apart to regain the trust in our relationship. I asked him that the next day and he said that me and him are not on that. his new gf is a scorpio by the way. I am still very hurt over this situation and am having a hard time moving on. I want to know if he is playing with me, if he is really serious about this girl, and if there is any hope. I just wanted to add that if he has a new gf whom he's happy with then why does he still have a naked pic of me in his phone where she can easily see it?

  • Im sorry to hear this , this is really terrible , you don't need this in your life, he keeps the pic of you because he sounds and is a jerk with no regards for you , the mother of his child and the women he is now with , He sounds like a shallow creep, and in no time the scorp girl will come to her senses im sure . You are a strong women and can do waaaaaay better than this , please your young and full of spirit, cut your losses now and move on. There are plenty of noble men around , you deserve to be treated like the queen you already know you are, dont settle for anything less, Your place is on a pedestal! 😉

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