Need help understand reading

  • My question was "what does a continued relationship with **** bring to my life in the future?"

    Past 6 of coins

    Present Judgement

    Future 2 of cups

    What does this reading indicate? Thanks!

  • PinkVenus,

    Glad to help. Keep in mind that different cards mean different things to different people but I will give you the interpretation that I see in them, which might help point you in the right direction in your own interpretation of them.

    6 of Coins:

    This person was generous to you in the past. They helped you out and cared enough about you to be kind to you and put their energy into moving you into a positive direction.


    It is up to you do decide what you want with this person. Do you wish to continue and see what is to come? Or do you wish to just watch and see what it leads you? Take action and help it along or be iffy on it and see if he does something.

    2 of Cups:

    This relationship can be a very fruitful partnership if you wish to make a (Judgement) decision regarding where this relationship will lead you. You already know that he was generous, so that is a good thing to weigh in your deciding process.

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