No reading, just input on one I did please.

  • Hi, my name is amber, I just joined! I normally do and interpret my own readings but I did one recently that I have a couple questions about. I asked if I was pregnant and got two up and one down. So I did a longer reading. Only because I did have a period last month- it was short and I have symptoms yet the test is negative. I feel like I am, but maybe I am just hoping as well.

    I never thought I could be pregnant I tried for a long time, I eventually assumed I couldn't due to the 10 or so years I was molested as a child so this is a big deal for me. Why not go to a doctor, right? Well, if I'm not I'll be humiliated and sad whereas I could just be sad and keep the money. And some doctors wont even check unless you got a positive HPT.

    Okay, so with that being said- sorry it's long just wanted yall to have background reasoning for my craziness lol.

    This is the cards and placements:

    Root position: Page of cups

    Love position: Knight of cups

    Magick Position: Queen of swords

    Oath position: 5 of Cups

    Karma position: Knight of wands

    Wisdom position: Six of wands

    Outcome position: King of Pentacles

    No reversed cards, I did a Hefexus tarot reading I'd seen online. I liked the set up of it and I tried something different.

    I'm sure the answer is probably yes- but could I had gotten some of these cards just because I want to be pregnant so badly after thinking I am for 7 weeks?

    Thank you for your time and I am sorry about how lengthy it is.


  • Amber,

    It can be very hard to interpret a reading like this. One because you are using a format I am unfamiliar with and different cards mean different things to different people. Because this question is very serious and it is a yes-no for certain answer you are looking for. I suggest asking for a reading from someone that can interpret it their way to begin with for a clearer answer. Also a lot of tarot reading point to what could happen if you manifest correctly, to give advice, not a for certain answer because a lot of things depend on variable and can change, even after the fact.

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