Captain, I need your input please

  • Having drama that don't understand purpose. Reported issue about someone under my care. Don't know any of her data just what she was experiencing (symptoms.) Was told I broke confidentiality because family was there. I don't know any of her medical data. Don't understand how I broke that. I think I'm being given a snow job. Person in charge said the only time to worry was if there was blood clots etc. State was there couple weeks ago on a government mandate to educate on timely reporting--do you get a feel for this. Any input would help.

  • I feel that someone is trying to get you into trouble in order to 'share' their pain. Stay strong and don't let them see you stress out. I feel you can call this bluff if you stay strong.

  • This lady passed on my day off. One of the orders of this "person" in charge was that I not feed her in the manner I was. So, she couldn't take anything in. She was sliding and I was reporting it and this person didn't go in a check. Anyway, had a premonition before she started sliding downhill. Wanted to tell everyone but couldn't. In fact, he jumped on me for just alerting him. He explained his feelings of death to me in front of HR. Because I was informed by spirit before this encounter w/this person in charge I feel it was in order for me to know the truth, she was in danger. Having a hard time on a spiritual level because of this person's interjection and will in this lady's life. I feel that she still had time left. I'm seeing, also, that hospice in this place is a death order. So, it's a culture of death. Insight would be appreciated.

  • Again, stay strong. This is a clash between two different ways of being and thinking. You cannot change others - you can only be true to yourself and what you feel is right behaviour for you.

  • The lesson for you here is to trust your own instincts and follow your truth, but instead you tend to find yourself torn between wanting to fit in and with being yourself, even if that goes against convention. I feel you are afraid to show the world your true self and beliefs.

  • This is true. I'm afraid to show the world my true self. Mainly because I wouldn't be understood. I'm not agreeing w/him just quiet. I don't want a conflict,however, on a spiritual level will bring out my beliefs sooner or later. Spirit will "get me" if I were to develop his thinking. I'm surprised on some level he won't get repercussions. I got into this field based on the availability of jobs but really doesn't suit me. I wonder everyday if I should continue. Any input.

  • This lesson is nothing to do with anyone else but you and standing up for who you are. On some level you are afraid or ashamed of yourself. You will contiue to face this sort of issue until you resolve the conflict inside yourself so that no outer conflict is necessary. Find the peace you seek inside yourself. Denial of the self is the ultimate betrayal.

  • I guess if they can't accept me as is then it's their issue. Like I said, I didn't understand initially what his real issue was. And I was being urged while driving into work, by spirit, that this lady was in jeopardy. I was also being shown the truth. In my past, spirit has given me strong "signs" regarding life and death and that seems to be the avenue it manifests to me. All I can do is to go w/what I know/what's revealed.

  • I just don't want to appear as a flake. I've been cautioned in past that everyone doesn't "see" things the way I do.

  • Perhaps your guides and angels only alerted you to the woman's imminent passing so as you could be there to help her spirit cross over, not to try to intervene to save her body?

    Why is the opinion of other people more important to you than your own? If you cannot be your own best friend and supporter, then you will find it hard to have the strength and support to go it alone at the times when you must do so.

  • This new job I've taken on is a new experience for me. I don't know if I'm cut out for it. And I don't agree with aspects of it. I have a lot of insecurity (job related) because of something that happened on a previous job. In short, I've gotten to where I don't trust people. I'd rather split than endure something that I don't like or am not suited to. That being said, there are no jobs in my area, period. So, feel I'm back at square one. I have managed to part from a bad relationship. I feel, in general, that I'm just in a terrible mess. I was told today that I talk too much to patients with dementia. The lady I was talking w/hasn't had any falls (mishaps) on my shift. However, she has on other shifts that overlook her. I was told that I have a heart. The people I work around understand a lot more than what they get credit for. Don't mean to sound raggy but am in a raggy situation. Anyway, asked the lady's daughter to bring her a doll because she's been talking about her babies. Also, last night she said her husband was in the room. So, I'm sure he probably is.

  • Dalolite, you have spent so long in running away from difficult situations that you have lost faith in your own strength and ability to cope. But these situations will keep coming until you turn and face them. What you say you want is peace, but what you really want is to avoid all conflict. But it is only through conflict that we grow and learn. You have to regain faith in yourself by toughing out the things that you previously ran from. It is not other people you don't trust - you don't trust your own ability to cope with difficult people or situations. But you CAN do it - you just need more practice, not to run away all the time. You need to stand up for yourself in order to honour and respect yourself.

  • OK, I'll take that advice.

  • I haven't ran away from a lot of situations. I want to avoid a bad situation. This job feels more like a violation than a job. Something else came to me in the same line of work on a really terrible day I was having. It's a job to do private patient care. I know this person and this person isn't stable. It would be an out until I got into something better. At present the place I work at is short-staffed. A lot of people covering themselves when they just need more help. I've been there before and it's a management dilemma that's developing into my dilemma. I feel like staying is not the solution.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  • I'm beginning to feel like the victim and I don't play that.

  • You run away from situations that require you to be yourself, your real self.

  • Ok, suddenly I see. Duh. I think what you see is that I'm not being my true self. I need to get into something that's me, not something not in-line with my talents, and abilities. If that's the case, yes, I've pretty much always done that. Why (I've done that) is another good question. I've always picked lines of work that aren't really my true self.

  • Yes you need to do things that satisfy your real self, and not other people.

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