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  • Just wanted to express a few question though that has been heavily on my mind. Im meeting up with two of my bosses tommorow evening being that I was taken off the schedule and were devising a plan to enhance my performance.

    Now before I go into detail-Ive been highly stressed and pressured from this job and dont feel great about it anymore, I see no room for growth and feel stagnant when I was jovial and upbeat. I can hide a great deal of my issues from my bosses but I feel they as well as my co-workers are disorganized and judgemental. Ive find a few mistakes here and there but nothing major and I feel that its time for me to quit after this meeting (but I wont tell them til next week

    what do my bosses think of me and how can I enhance this meeting and try to make the best of it?

    My bosses are Stephanie (Taurus-my favorite-blunt and personable), Joe (Taurus-dont trust him to well), Christina (Gemini-cold but secretly nice and loving) and Nick (Capricorn-overbearing and authoritive-he's the young and new manager)

    What are their feelings toward me and how can I show them I am valuable?

  • Asia118x

    When you say taken off the schedule, you mean for future projects?

    Now in the work place everyehere there is tenison for everyone to product to the best of their ability and than some, if you can not do that than you or they will be taken off the schedule. Stress and pressure are the GO words for most productive paying jobs at this time.

    I suggest to you that if you are bored with this job that you look for another before handing in your I Quit notice as it is very competitive out there in the job market at this time.

    I do believe you already know what is expected of you and have to make up your mind if you want to give it to stay on with this company no matter what your bosses think of you, it is what you think and want that will lead you to success or on to the next work experience.

    Place your best foot forward each day so that you leave at the end of it feeling like you gave the best you could , therefore what you give will be returned through forward movement and rewards.


  • Thank you Shuabby. My boss Stephanie put me on the schedule for this Friday and Saturday. All Im going to do is just focus on having a great day and putting my best forward-Im just afraid of my mood swings. They are very intense and frequently change without warning.I havent had a diagnosis for it yet but I feel like its a clinical condition-more like bipolar disorder and anxiety. Hopefully it goes well.

    Just curious anything about my future you see coming (just a general reading)?

  • Asia118X

    In reading your reply, I feel you are an intelligent person and know that you have moodswings for some physical or emotional reason. Foods can trigger ups and downs in moods also. I would suggest that you see your doctor and have a physical check up to get a medical diagnosis. We all have our burdens to bear in this lifetime to keep us on our toes so to speak and be a light for others to find their way through us when needed.

    I feel that once you get your inner self and physical self in balance than you will move forward and even surprise yourself as to how well and far you can go in a chosen field of endeavor. You do have talent in an area that feels like music or voice here. Find something that you are really attracted to and pursue it.

    When you reach balance again you will be so much happier that you will attract people that will be a joy to be around and if you are not in a relationship at this time, a certain person will come into your life that really has it together (most of the time) and will be a wonderful addition to your life.

    If you like to go outside biking would be good for you.


  • Hi Shuabby, Asia118x,

    I Read this thread and I want to share that sugar has that effect on me. It messes with my overall sugar levels and creates anxiety and aggressive /irritable behavior from me. So I am aiming at not eating over 25g of sugar a day. This does not include natural sugar in vegetables, fruit and dairy. The days that I adhere to this, I am more balanced.

    Also, Shuabby, do you think you could give me a following up reading from last years? Thanks...

  • Hey Shaubby (and anyone else who sees this

    Ive been busy still finding balance in my life and building and growing on my independence so I can completely be on my own. I getting my license soon but also working on doing some work with my new camera (music videos and a feature film Im planning to shoot in June to August once I get all of my equipment). I feel I am too young to be concerned with love and as much I I would love to be intimate with someone-I know right now Im making myself a priority being that I have alot going on.

    I definetly would love to date though, I do like meeting new people being that I really not sure if a relationship is good for me right now as much as I would like it..

    What can I do to make myself more available for dates and things or more open to dates-it seems as if most guys are not into me?

    Also Shaubby, I been thinking about my ex lately (not that I want him back) in a nostalgic way and had a couple of dreams about him thinking about me and sometimes I wonder if he does. I dont know why I think of him honestly-Is it because Im desperate or just lonely or does he really think about me sometimes?

  • Asia11X

    You will find love when you give up on looking for it is what I receive for you. Like you said now is the time for you and your career and building it. If you were connected to a man that took a lot of your time than you would not achieve what you want to at this point in time.

    To date more you have to always look your best and a man can be attracted to your scent, meaning your fragrance. So make sure you smell good also, smile, be friendly and open, pay attention to men and they will return it.

    The dreams about your ex is just what you think it is, you are lonely now. Yes, he does think about you sometimes, I get something about your hair he liked and remembers.


  • Thanks Shaubby I appreaciate it very well, and you are right-I feel I put too much thought into attraction and not just let things go with the flow. I definetly just do this but focus on building myself for the most part. I feel I am lonely and think about my ex when I do being that he was one of the few people I used to talk to on a regular basis. Now thats all gone-I solely focused on myself and somewhat kept a certain distance from others even though I really crave intimacy on all levels. Its just Im cautious because Im building myself up while chasing my dreams. Im slowly opening up myself but I guess I should do so a little bit more huh lol.

    Thank you so much Shaubby.

    One more question, does he miss me sometimes?

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