• Hi all--I'm new. First post. I call myself a genuine Sag because everything I've ever read about Sag seems to apply to me. (Can't give you the risings and all that; don't know it well enough yet.)

    Anyway, recently hooked up via Facebook with hs bf. First love, for both of us. Also, seems to me, a genuine Pisces, according to what I've read. He is married, says unhappily. We've been mad e-flirting for months now, chat, etc., now planning for him to visit.

    I hope y'all can hold off judging the married thing for a moment--remember I loved this boy many years ago--and help me figure out what is going on. One minute, he seems ready to leave her, the next he seems firmly married. It's a second marriage, it's really going badly, he seems absolutely miserable, yet absolutely stuck as well.

    Is this apparent wishy-washiness part of the sign? He also seems scared of her, which I really don't get at all. I don't remember him being scared of me. I also don't understand why he seems so CONFUSED. From what he says to me, the situation seems absolutely clear. (I don't want to go into too much detail just in case someone might recognize this.) Can anybody offer any advice? I'd really appreciate it.

  • Hi GenuineSag

    I'm still new at this so if you don't mind being a guinea pig I'd be happy to look at your synastry. I'll need dates, place of birth and really would like exact times. It may take me a while, but I'll get back to you.

  • Hey, that's fine. Take as long as you need. I'm happy for any help.

    He is: March 6, 1965. Born Los Angeles.

    I am: December 3, 1964. Born 9:38 am, San Diego.

    Btw, he was my hs bf, and we've reconnected after 25 years. We've been talking for about 6 months now. I don't know if that means we're in a relationship or not--in general (ha!), or for your purposes.

    Thank you!!

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