Is love on the way

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if someone could do a love reading for me, see if there is anything on the horizon?

    Thanks TIssy

  • Hello Tissy,

    I'd be happy to do a love reading for you.

    The Promotion card flew out from the deck while I was shuffling.

    It tells me that you feel ready to find someone and that you are open for a new relationship.

    Palace + Competitiveness + Wedding

    It seems like there is going to be a time where you might find someone that you are interested in. You will try to show them what good of a person that you are. You might be able to gain their attention, but you may get stuck in having to act in a way that you're not usually used to. Whoever it is that you find, your relationship will be based on living up to certain expectations and trying to keep up these strict appearances to keep the peace and relationship.

    So I think, love, for the most part, will be based on how you look for a relationship. I think that if you go out and try and find someone, you will find them, but you may end up showing a personality unlike your own.

    The Lilith card came up as I was asking what advice they would like to give you, and she says that instead of acting how you are not, you should accept yourself and live your life the way you like. "Take control!" is her motto.

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