• Can you give me some infromation about this person D.O.B 15.01.1956. How will things work out for her and the situation she is in now?

  • I cannot tell from just a birthdate how a present situation will work out for someone - I need to know something about the situation.

  • The person is in a very difficult situation right now. I was wondering if you could shed some light on it? Can you also tell me something about this person birthdate, please?

  • How can I shed light on a situation if you won't tell me what it is? I don't read minds.

  • It is a long story so I will make it short. This person is in a financial struggle right now. She borrowed some money from a lot of people and now she is unable to pay them back. She barely have enough to pay bills such as rent, electricity...I don't know what I can do to help her since I am a student myself and I am not working for the moment. I would appreciate it if you could give some advice and tell me someting about this person birthdate. Don't hesitate to tell me the outcome whether it is good or bad. I can handle the truth.

  • There is a personal lesson here for this woman to learn about financial responsibility. It's a strength that she needs to bring out in herself and no one else can do it for her. I feel she has relied too much on other people to be responsible or turned to them to help her out in the past, and now it is her turn. She has to stop dreaming that a lucky bolt of money lightning will strike her out of the blue - she has to be practical and work hard to clear her finances and save some money. Her deeper lesson is to not equate being a loving, lovable, worthy person with the idea of having wealth and prosperity. Money doesn't mean love, and vice versa. Feeling unloved means she tends to throw money away on get-rich schemes or dicey ill-conceived plans - or gamble, win it, and lose it again. She has to understand she has a valauble contribution to make to the world that is not dependent on material earnings. Being poor does not reflect badly on a person's quality of character. This mistaken belief she has can hinder her creativity and her ability to grant as much freedom to others as she needs for herself. It's all about her belief and how much she feels she is worth (apparently not much at the moment!). She needs to care less about what others think of her and more about how she feels about herself. She must ask herself "What do I really need inside?"

    Under these negative beliefs about money, she is unconsciously fighting or sabotaging her own efforts. Once she values herself more highly and practises the utmost honesty and integrity in regards to money and service, the monetary rewards will flow in. When she feels personally secure and can allow her creative energy to flow naturally, and when she is willing to claim back her own authority and responsibility instead of giving it away, then she will create abundance on every level and bring in as much money AS SHE ALLOWS HERSELF TO. No one is stopping her but herself!

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